The Music Tour Economy




game deal (3) traffic-wise
report impact put out (2)
arm crazy (2) set the price
tour spirit (2) to shell out
bucks shell (2) dying to see her
boost sell out generation
expect swamp (2) sell/sold/sold
seat drive up see/saw/seen
fix (2) land (3) drive/drove/driven
price revenue pay/paid/paid
gosh set record fly/flew/flown
outfit thrilled bring/brought/brought
owner excited whopping
offer cocktail commerce
gin lavender come back
roof die-hard merchandise
reality extremely sell through the roof
hoodie honestly buy/bought/bought
get in reflect (2) make/made/made
guy concert well it’s all said and done
Uber resonate spend/spent/spent
fan (3) audience you know what I’m saying
had better






Newscaster, One: “You’ve heard of Taylor Swift — she is changing the game. A lot of fans, a lot of family, arm-in-arm just to see her live. This is a huge deal.

And she’s made a big impact on the economy.”

Newscaster, Two: “Yeah, definitely one-tour-stop at a time, Right, Kelsey?”
Kelsey, Newscaster, Three: “It’s just crazy. And she does things differently. If you think about it, she plays forty-four (44) songs and this three-and-a-half (3.5) hour concert.”

Newscaster, Two: “Forty-four (44) songs?”
Kelsey, Newscaster, Three: “Forty-four (44) songs! But you’ve got other artists doing just ten (10) to twenty (20) songs. So of course people out there, they’re dying to see her. They’re willing to shell out the big bucks.

And not only is she boosting spirits — but she’s boosting economies across the nation.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

One of the biggest pop stars of this generation: Taylor swift selling out stadiums across the country. On her 52-night, 20-city Eras Tour.

Swiftie Fan, One: “Oh, my gosh. I love Her. I love all the Eras and how she’s just been able to put out music for so long.”

Swiftie Fan, Two: “I am thrilled. I’ve always wanted see Taylor in concert. I haven’t gotten to see her before. So I’m really excited. I’m up in the nosebleeds But honestly, i feel like any seat at a Taylor concert is a good seat.”

It’s not just Taylor lovers that can’t get enough, but its cities, local businesses hotels and airlines that can’t either. Her concerts driving up thousands of dollars in the local economy.

Swifties flying and driving hundreds of miles to get their swift fix. Fans even paying up to $1100 per night for a hotel room. Some calling it swifti-enomics.
Tampa reportedly brought in $750,000 in revenue to the local economy. This past weekend, Chicago feeling the love to; one asking price setting records: a ticket going for a whopping $92,000.

A burger bar owner says he’s expecting a 40% increase in sales.

Martin Murch, Owner, Burger Bar Chicago: “We’re really excited about all the activity. We’re excited about the commerce that’s started to come back to the city.”

Some restaurants offering “Swifty Menus”, playing her music around the clock and even offering a swift-cocktail.

Andrew JureWicz, General Manager, Aurelio’s Pizza: “She tweeted a while ago about Empress Gin, with lavender lemonades, and we will be selling those all weekend.”

And merchandise is selling through the roof: t-shirts going for fifty-five bucks ($55), and hoodies, $75. This swifty buying boxes full swift cloths.

Swifty Fan: “We paid about 11,000.”
Journalist: “I’m sorry.”
Swifty Fan: Eleven-thousand dollars ($11,000)”.

Others many more than $200 on Swifty outfits. Each one of these 20 fans dressing to reflect an album.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

News Anchor, One: “I don’t get it.

Kelsey, Newscaster, Three: “It is reported that Taylor can make anywhere between five-hundred (500) million dollars to one point five (1.5) billion dollars when the tours all said and done. But not only that, I spoke to one fan says if the merchandise cost two-hundred dollars ($200), they’re going to spend that money — and that’s the reality of it all.

These people are diehard fan. Taylor sets the price.”

News Anchor, One: “She’s a great songwriter. She’s extremely popular because her writing resonates with audience, right.

But $92,000 for a ticket! I’d better get a kiss or something. You know what I’m saying?

I was taking as I flew in last night, I was taking an Uber from the airport to my place. And the guys says, “It’s a good thing you landed now because the Taylor Swift concert is happening, the Swifties are coming, and if you landed another hour from now, it would have been swamped, traffic-wise.”

Kelsey, Newscaster, Three: “And traffic for hours.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is an unknown office clerk. True or false?

Beyonce Knowles. Does Swift have a lot of energy and endurance?

Lady Gaga. Might The Economist Magazine and Wall Street Journal write about Taylor Swift?

Justin Timberlake. Nobody knows or cares about Taylor Swift. Is this right or wrong?

Jennifer Lopez. Do only Swifty fans like and appreciate her?

Britney Spears. During Swift’s Eras Tour, are her fans cheap, stingy and miserly?

Celine Dion. Is it a good ideal to travel right before a Taylor Swift concert?
George Michael. I’m a Swifty. I’m a Taylor Swift fan. I love Taylor Swift songs and music videos. Yes or no? Do your friends like Swift?

Whitey Houston. What are your favorite songs? Who are your favorite artists?

Madonna. Have you been to a pop concert? What was it like? Does your city host many pop and musical performances?

Michael Jackson. What would happen if Taylor Swift performed in your city? Would residents like that?

ABBA. What might happen in the future?

Beatles. Should there be more concerts and performances? Should people go and attend concerts and performances?

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