The MMA Match



fight range (2) breakdown
wing hook (2) commentary
bit (2) early (2) believe (2)
event term (2) martial arts
mixed ring (3) generation (2)
guy stuff (2) know/knew/known
clip (2) can tell give credit
lineage credit (3) step up (2)
short cage (2) kind of (2)
sure pass on throw/threw/thrown
shuffle extreme here we go
oh no ground go/went/gone
style coin (2) apparently
either hearsay say/said/said
deny confirm definitely
notice look for hear/heard/heard
versus turn (2) throw over
dude deep (3) long/longer/longest
intro moment watch (2)
key (2) pretty (2) feel/felt/felt (2)
replay show (2) match (2)
tap train (2) ref (referee)
choke obvious think/thought/thought (2)
angle right (2) follow (2)
expect strike (2) charge (3)
level analysis slow motion
cover analysis begin/began/begun
squat mean (3) low/lower/lowest (2)
hips probably last name
punch probably understand/understood/understood
league basically by the way
fake try/tried give/gave/given (2)
kick right (5) channel (3)
style keep (2) send/sent/sent
gem wonder grappling
link care (2)






Fight Commentary Breakdowns here. Steve Faulkner on the left, a Duncan Liang Wing Chun. And we have Igor Zenoviev who is a Samboist. So Wing Chung versus Sambo.

This was early, early MMA — in fact this was the league I believe that coined the term mixed martial arts. They all have four events, so this was their second event.

You could call Steve Faulkner third generation Wing Chun guy, because it goes from Ip Man to Duncan Liang to Steve Faulkner. And Igor Zenoviev; I don’t know what lineage of Sambo — I don’t even know if Sambo cares about that kind of stuff.

But anyways, I give Steve credit for stepping up to the ring, early, early MMA.

Notice how short the cage is. So you can tell he’s from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

So you can tell that this is the different time someone definitely has been thrown over the cage before I’m sure here we go.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Here we go. Here we go.

Okay Steve Wing Chun guy going in . . . oh, oh . . . oh, oh. Oh, no . . . Oh man!

This is Extreme Fighting; that’s what the League’s called.

Oh man. Dude, Steve does not know what he’s doing on the ground.

Now guys, there apparently are Wing Chun styles that know a little bit of ground fighting, the Liang Ting style apparently, okay . . . I’m just saying; this just hearsay. So I can either confirm nor deny — I’m just passing on what I’ve heard.

So Steve is not a Liang Ting right he’s a Duncan Liang. So notice they got the same last name. There are shuffles, but . . .
Oh oh; he turned his back oh, oh. But the Sambo guy is not gonna let that go . . . He got the hook . . . that was it.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Dude, I feel like my intro was longer than this match.

What did we just watch dude? what did we just watch? Are they gonna show the replay? Here’s the key moment replay.

Okay, that was a pretty . . . and he got the hook. And yeah that was a pretty deep choke. Did he tap? The ref (referee) stopped it. Okay the ref stopped it.

I don’t think he tapped. The ref stopped it. I wonder if he knew how to tap because I don’t think Steve’s ever trained grappling.

So here’s another replay . . . man back then in the 90s . . . look at the camera angles. They couldn’t even get the camera angles right.

Look at that. We can’t see anything from this angle.

Wow it was not what I expected. I thought the Wing Chun guy was gonna have some striking, but the thing is you knew when he charged in.

We’ll watch it again from the beginning. Slow motion analysis. Watch this.

So look at that. Look at Igor. Look at his level. It was just too obvious. I mean now we know, right when someone is squatting a little down, their level is so much lower, the hips are so much lower than the Wing Chun guy, we know he’s probably looking for a takedown.

Back then it’s just hard to understand that stuff, like Wing Chun was thinking about striking, right. He also got the range wrong. By the way I don’t know why he basically gave his entire lower body to get picked up.

He was probably trying to fake a kick to come in for a punch or something, I don’t know, but man this was a cool match.

I wonder if Steve Faulkner did more of these, so we will definitely look more at both Steve Faulkner and Igor Zenoviev.

So this was a really cool style for style match man from the 90s.

As you guys know I love to find find gems like this, so keep sending me, guys keep sending me videos like these.

I have to give credit to this one Chinese Channel I follow that covered this. And so I’ll link the channel anyways guys send me more clips and we’ll talk soon this was Fight Commentary Breakdowns.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Tae Kwon Do. The beginning of the video showed two men fighting in a ring. True or false?

Muay Thai. Are both competitors British and in their early 20s? Are they similar or very different in height and weight?

Sambo. This was a boxing match. Is this right or wrong?

Kick Boxing. Did the match last 12 rounds or three minutes each?

Wrestling. The winner knock out the loser. Is this correct or incorrect? What happened?

Kung Fu. Did the video show the fight just once?

Brazilian Jujutsu. Was this a recent match? Did it take place in 2020?
Krav Maga. Are there Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts clubs and centers in your city and country?

Judo. Have your or your friends, colleagues or classmates take up or practiced a martial art?

Karate. Have you seen martial arts tournaments, matches or scenes on movies and TV?

Savate. Who are some famous or popular martial artists?

Aikido. What might happen in the future?

Boxing. What could or should people do? Should more people practice martial arts?

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