The Gods and The Olympics




crew fine (2) find/found/found
gold protect less/least
place voyage brave/braver/bravest
decree lord (3) speak/spoke/spoken
limit fleece (2) know/knew/known
exist sail (2) hear/heard/heard
sure worthy think/thought/thought (2)
land careful in place of
world call upon strong/stronger/strongest
offer enough build/built/built
edge survive rich/richer/richest
cargo kingdom edge of the world
wait athlete good/better/best
worth perilous announce
proud compete hold/held/held
expect heart (3) chose/choose/chosen
invite archery champion
serve reserve beat/beat/beaten (2)
late too late otherwise
occur brain (2) fine/finer/finest
brawn pass (2) come/came/come
discus contest throw/threw/thrown
refuse triumph hit/hit/hit (2)
search come on find/found/found






Zeus: What is it you want, a ship, a crew?
Jason: No. Those I can find myself.
Zeus: Oh. And what are you going to use in place of gold?
Jason: The hearts of men.
Hera: I am Hera, Queen of the Gods and your protector on this voyage. But my lord Zeus has decreed a limit to the number of times I may help you when you call upon me.

Do not speak now — I know what you must ask of me: Does the Golden Fleece exist and if so, where is it?

Zeus: That’s two questions.

Hera: And I shall help him with only one answer: search in the land of Colchis.
Jason: Then it does exist . . .

But Colchis . . . that’s the end of the world. No Greek has ever sailed there.

Zeus: Now that you’ve heard that, are you so sure that you will not need my help? Think carefully.

I offered him a ship; a ship and a crew and he refused me.

A God: Refused the help of the gods?

Zeus: What ship is strong enough to reach to the edge of the world? What crew brave enough to sail in her?
Jason: I shall tell the shipbuilders of Greece that the richest cargo in the world waits in Colchis. The golden fleece is worth a kingdom. And I shall say that only the strongest ship ever built will survive the voyage.

The athletes of Greece are proud I’ll tell them only the best can expect a place in the most perilous voyage in history. I shall announce the games, invite the strongest and bravest of the Greeks.

No greater game shall ever be held unless the gods decree otherwise.

Zeus: I did well to choose you Jason — the gods are best served by those who want their help the least.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Jason: Welcome Polydeuces.
Olympics Official: Castor of Sparta . . .
Jason: Well done, Castor!
Olympics Official: Acastus of Thessaly . . . Valeros of Athens, champion archer of Greece . . . Euphemus of Taenarum . . . Spirus of of Syracuse . . . Hercules . . .
Hercules: He’s here!

Hercules: I need to sail with you Jason. Tell me which champion you want me to beat.
Jason: No one. I know you can beat us all. Your place is reserved.
Hylas: Hercules. Yes.

Hylas: Hercules.
Hercules: Yes.
Hylas: My name is Hylas. Like you, I came too late to compete in the games. But it occurs to me that if I can beat you at something, Jason couldn’t refuse me a place on the ship either. After all he might need brains as well as brawn.

Shall we compete?

Hercules: Discus? Come on.

See that rock?
Hylas: Yes.
Hercules: No thrower has ever reached it.
Hylas: And is the contest to hit it or pass it?
Hercules: You’ll be lucky if you get halfway. Now come on.
Hylas: No, after you Hercules — I’ve never thrown a discus before. I’d like to see how it’s done.

Zeus: Let Hylas have his moment of triumph, while he may.

Jason: You shall have your place, Hylas.
Argonauts: Hail, Hylas.
Jason: I have found the finest crew in all Greece. Now for a ship that is worthy of them.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Land. In the beginning, Jason, the main character, was at home, speaking to his mother and father. True or false?

Sea, Ocean. Did Jason ask Zeus for lots of money? Did he ask Hera to help him find a wife? What did Jason want?

Hills, Mountains. Is Colchis near Greece? Is Jason very familiar with Colchis?

Soil, Dirt. Jason needed lots of horses and horse carts to travel to Colchis. Is this right or wrong?

Sky, Clouds. Did Jason ask his friends and classmates to join him on the expedition? Did all the crew members come from Thessaly?

Sun, Moon, Stars. The recruits or applicants or aspirants had to take an exam. Is this correct or incorrect?

Waves, Tides. What happened in the end? Were the God interested in Jason and the Olympics or they didn’t care?
Rain, Drizzle. I have seen ancient and medieval TV shows and movies. True or false?

Storm, Hurricane. Have you studied ancient Greek, Roman and Medieval history and literature?

Giants, Mythology, Legends. Had ancient Greeks or Romans come to your country?

Thunder, Lightning. My friends and I would like to go on an adventure. We would like to go on an expedition.

Snow, Snowflake. What might happen in the future?

Island. What could or should people do?

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