The Gift



fur against dream (2)
rub allergic stroke (2)
tussle graduate preoccupy
lonely empty shaken (2)
puppy outsider feel/felt/felt
outing pass by lead/led/led
leash attend break apart
hit off celebrate


Sarah had always liked dogs and long dreamed of having one. But her parents were against it (her mother had an allergy to animal fur).

And so Sarah played with her neighbors’ and friends’ pets. She especially loved stroking their fur.

Still, without a dog of her own, she felt a bit empty inside.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

After graduating from high school, Sarah moved to another city to attend college. There she rented a flat, and became preoccupied with her studies and part-time job.

Despite being in a big university and a city, Sarah had no real friends. And as an outsider, she felt lonely.

That is, until her old classmate came by to celebrate Sarah’s birthday — and brought her a new, white puppy.

“Oh, thanks, Kate! This is what I’ve always wanted,” said Sarah. “I think I’ll call him . . . Lucky.”

Sarah and Lucky hit off at once, and became close friends. They would go for walks in the city park at least once a day.

It was during on one such outing that they passed by a reddish dog being led by a young man. Suddenly Lucky and the other dog began tussling with each other.

When Sarah tried to break them apart, the red dog jumped all over her.

“Ziggy! Down boy, down!” the man shouted at the red dog and pulled the leash back. He then asked Sarah if she was alright.
“Yes, I’m fine — a bit shaken though,” she said.
“I’m really sorry about that,” said the man. “Say … uh … why don’t we go to that café over there and have a cup of tea? You’ll feel better.”
“Okay,” said Sarah.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Sarah had a dog as child. True or false? Why didn’t she have a dog?

2. Did she play with her friends’ dogs?

3. After finishing high school, Sarah lived at home with her parents while working. Is this right or wrong?

4. Did she have lots of friends?

5. She received a new smartphone for her birthday. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. What was her new pastime?

7. What happened in the park one day?


A. I have a dog. Yes or no? Do your friends have dogs?

B. Do you often see people walking their dogs outside?

C. What are some birthday or Christmas presents that you have received?

D. Have you ever moved to another city or country?

E. I have met other people by walking my dog. True or false?


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