wish struggle skydiving
short gotcha forget/forgot/forgot
dusty goal (2) command
reach cookie have been dying to
fit (2) cool (2) is it just me
touch ceiling definitely
jar height advantage
weird bet (2) on the bright side
spy sneeze practically
Earth normal fingers crossed
fun get back what on Earth
lonely scared oh my gosh
tiny whew introduce





Being short can be such a struggle sometimes. I just wish I was a bit bigger.

“Did I just hear you make a wish?”

Ellie: “Where did you come from?”

“Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself: I’m Tinie the Genie. I heard you say a wish, so I thought I’d come to help out.

Now what was it you’re wishing for?”

Ellie: “Oh I was just wishing that I could be taller.”
Tinie the Genie: “Easy Peasy.”
Ellie: “Ah choo!”
Tinie the Genie: “Your wish is my command. Now I think I’m going to go do some skydiving. See you later.”

Ellie: “Bye. Wow. This is so cool! I wonder how tall I am now.”

I’m finally tall than five foot. Life goals complete.

And now I can finally reach that book that I’ve been dying to get down . . . So old and dusty . . . Ah choo.
Is it just me, or did I grow even taller?

I feel so tall now. I can even touch the ceiling.

You know what? I think I’m going to use my new height to my advantage. I’m going to go get some cookies, and I bet I can finally reach them.

I can’t believe I can finally reach the cookie jar now. Ummm.

Ooh, are these new flowers. Oh, they smell, ah, ah, ah-choo.

Did I just grow even taller? I won’t be able to fit through the door soon. I should go outside, while I still can.

I don’t think I like being this tall; it’s kind of weird.

On the bright side though, I can spy on the neighbors now.


Oh, no: I’ve grown even more. Oh no; I’m just too tall now. I definitely don’t want to grow any more. I mean I’m practically in the trees.

And that can’t be good because trees sometimes makes me . . . ah-choo . . . sneeze.

Oh no. I can’t keep growing, or soon I’m going to be as tall as my . . . ah-choo . . . house.

What on Earth am I going to do now?

I’m taller than my house.

And I have no idea how I’m going to get back to my normal height.

Fingers crossed that I won’t sneeze again.


Oh my gosh!

I’m so tall now. Maybe if I call out to my parents, they’ll come out and help me:

“Mom. Dad. Anyone?”

What am I to do.

Tinie the Genie: “Wee. Oh hey, Ellie. Are you having fun?”
Ellie: “Fun? You think this is fun? I’m lonely and I’m scared. And I’m just too tall.

I wish I could be small again.”

Tinie the Genie: “Why don’t you wish to be small again?”
Ellie: “Okay, I wish to be small again.”
Tinie the Genie: “Gotcha. Now I’m off to skydiving. See you later. Wee.”

Ellie: “Ah-choo. It’s working! Ah-choo. I’m small again. Ah-choo. Whew, I’m back to my normal size.

This is great . . .



Ah-choo. Ah-choo. Ah-choo. Ah-choo. Ah-choo.

Oh, no! I’m so tiny.


Well, this definitely can’t be good.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Is Ellie normally short, medium-height or tall?

2. Did Ellie have a wish? What did she wish? Why did she wish that?

3. Who was the girl in the purple outfit (clothes)? Could the Genie perform magic?

4. What happened to Ellie?

5. Ellie was very happy. True or false? Why was she happy?

6. Did Ellie remain happy? Did she feel differently later? Why did she become scared and sad?

7. Her parents came and helped her. Is this right or wrong?


A. Is there a moral or lesson to the story?

B. Can you give examples from real life? Has this happened to you or your friends?

C. Do you wish for anything? What do your friends, classmates or colleagues wish for? What would happen if you found a magic lamp? If I found a magic lamp, . . . . .

D. How can you accomplish your dreams? How can you make your dreams come true?

E. Have you heard of similar stories?

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