The Flash one

The Flash, one



jet (2) unique shrink (2)
blur motion old timer
flash vibrate strike (3)
enable solid (2) dream (2)
jump barrier space (2)
evil justice evil-doer
secret nuclear laboratory
locate witness come/came/come
scarlet release stimulate
cell look out radiation
ant scientist stand/stood/stood
switch monster unearthly
gas breathe confusion
flick careful dart away
spin brilliant experiment
fellow blinding protective
effect overdose see/saw/seen
at will retreat find/found/found
lethal growth overgrown
rotate catch up rise/rose/risen
buster get away catch/caught/caught
stuffy scale (3) get out (2)
phew vacuum stand back
heap so long pick up (3)
track conquer wreckage
speed trail (2) track down
cliff pursuit never mind
sheer surface hydroelectric plant
skim area (3) take cover
mass raw (2) ground (3)
steel bug (2) by George
valor thunder charge (3)
steal costume seeing things
tunnel indicate Geiger counter
drain embark nightmare






A scarlet costume jets from his ring . . . and in a blur of motion, police scientist, Barry Allan, becomes The Flash, the world’s fastest human.

The Flash, whose speed enables him to vibrate through solid walls, and conquer the barriers of time and space, in the pursuit of evil-doers.

The Flash: scarlet speedster for justice!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


In a nuclear laboratory, outside central city, police scientist Barry Allen, who is secretly The Flash, has come to witness a unique experiment.

Atomic Scientist 1: “Now watch Mr. Allen, as I stimulate the growth cells of this red ant . . .

Oh dear! I must have given it an overdose!”

Barry Allan, Police Scientist: “Professor, look out!”

Atomic Scientist 2: “Stand back!”

Barry Allan, Police Scientist: “You’ve changed the ant into an unearthly monster!”

Atomic Scientists: “Uh, Look out! Look out! Careful! What’s that?


Can’t breathe!”

In the confusion, Barry Allan darts away. Then flicks the secret switch that releases the brilliant red costume of — The Flash, the world’s fastest human!

Spinning with great speed, The Flash creates a protective vacuum around himself.

The Flash: “Blinding light — can’t see.”

Atomic Scientist 1: “That overdose of radiation gave that creature the power to create chemical effects at will.”

Atomic Scientist, 2: “It must be found. I’ll call the police.”

The Flash: “Do that. Meanwhile, I’ll do what I can.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


The Flash: “There it is, going into that tunnel.

That overgrown bug is really lethal!

I must locate it.”

Like a human helicopter, The Flash rotates his body, rising faster, FASTER!

The Flash: “There he goes. I’ll catch up with him. In a flash.

You won’t get away from me this time, buster!

Oop! What is this!?! It’s harder than rock.”

Farmer One: “Jumping jehosa, Matt. It’s a man in there!”
Farmer Two: “I’ll be danged. How’d he get in there?”
Farmer One: “Never mind that; how will he get out?”
Farmer Two: “Look! That’s how.”

The Flash: “Whew! It was stuffy in there.”

Farmer One: “You alright?”
Farmer Two: “Anything we can do for you, young fellow?”
The Flash: “Thanks old timers. I’m okay. But I’ve got a heap of tracking to do. So long!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Picking up the trail of the creature’s wreckage, The Flash embarks on a lightening track down. His superhuman speed enabling him to scale the sides of sheer cliffs, broad jump hundreds of yards (0.9 meters), skim the surface of lakes.

Suddenly . . .

The Flash: “There it goes, heading for that hydroelectric plant. Better get there fast.

Clear the area. Everyone take cover.

Oh no, you don’t.

Strike one. Strike two. Two strikes, one to go. Ready?

Great thunder. It’s a mass of raw energy.

This is one time retreat is the better part of valor.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


The Flash: “Steel cable. Just what I need.

This should ground your charge.

That did it. Now I’ll . . . wait . . . am I seeing things?

By George. Can it be? Yes, it is. It’s shrinking to its normal size. That cable drained off all it’s nuclear powers.

Come on little bug.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Atomic Scientist: “Ah excellent. The Geiger counter indicates zero radiation. It’s just a little ant again.”

The Flash: “Yes, a little ant with big dreams.”

Atomic Scientist: “If it remembers you, Flash, those dreams must be nightmares.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. To become The Flash, police scientist Barry Allan must take off his civilian clothes and put on a scarlet costume. It takes about five minutes. True or false?

2. Did a scientist create a genetically modified ant? What did the scientist do to the ant? Was the experiment a “success”? Was the experiment “successful”? What happened to the ant?

3. The Flash was able to capture the Giant Ant the first time. Is this right or wrong?

4. What did the Giant Ant do to The Flash the second time? Did some farmers free him?

5. What sort of feats can The Flash perform? What can The Flash do?

6. The Flash and the Giant Ant had a big fight at a boxing ring. Is this correct or incorrect? Did The Flash win there?

7. Did the Giant Ant win at the end? What happened in the end?


A. I have watched The Flash cartoons and movies. Yes or no? Do you and your friends watch Superhero cartoons and movies?

B. Who is your favorite Superhero? Would you like to be a Superhero? Would you like to have superpowers?

C. I would like to be a scientist. True or false? What would you like to study, discover or create?

D. Do you wish you could do things very quickly? What would you like to do very quickly? I would like to . . . .

E. What might happen in the future?

F. Should scientists experiment with ants, bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, etc?

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