The Family




moody appetite don’t have an appetite
bowl sweater online lessons
fork practice biological parents
bell doorbell ring/rang/rung
adopt excited adoption agency
greet sweatshirt social services
cereal pullover meet/met/met
bored anxious online class
restless nervous social workers
shy enthusiastic






Mother: “Hello.”
Chinese Instructor: “Hello. How are you? So let’s start our Chinese class.”

Chinese Tutor: “I’ll see you next time then.”
Son: “Thank you, teacher. Bye.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Father: “Yes, I’m practicing Chinese, every week. How are you?

Bye, teacher.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

New Sister: “Are you my brother?”
Brother: “Yes, I’m your brother.”
New Sister: “Thank you.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Wake up, Get up.
In the beginning, was a child fast asleep in bed, or wide awake?

Check My Social Media, Email. The boy had a very big appetite at breakfast. At breakfast, the boy had a big appetite; he was very hungry. True or false?

Have Breakfast, Eat Breakfast. After breakfast, did the boy play video games on his smartphone?

Brush your Teeth. Did the boy’s mother give him a ball?

Take a Shower, Have a Shower. The boy’s father was using Facebook on his laptop. Is this right or wrong?

Shave. Someone knocked on the family’s front door. Is this correct or incorrect?

Get Dressed. Was it their next-door neighbor? What happened in the end?

Open the Door, Close the Door, Lock the Door. Is there a moral or lesson to this story?

Catch the Bus, Take the Bus, Ride the Bus. Some viewer commented that this video is a bit sad, controversial — even racist. Why might this be the case?
Arrive at School, Arrive a Work. I know someone who has been adopted. I know a family or couple that has adopted a child. Yes or no?

Work, Study. Do you know any famous orphans or people who have been adopted?

Have Lunch, Eat Lunch. Is adoption common in your city or country?

Leave Work, Leave School. Who adopts whom? What are the backgrounds and circumstances of adoptions?

Return Home, Arrive at Home. Is adoption good, bad, both, neither? Is adoption wonderful, generally good, good, in the middle, both good and bad, not very good, bad or terrible?

Do Homework. What might happen in the future?

Exercise, Ride my Bicycle, Go for a Walk. What could or should people, governments and society do? Should or could people, governments and society do anything?

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