The English Civil War, 3




army smoke soldiers
drum cavalry sing/sang/sung
attack helmet march (2)
gun musket uniform
pike banner trumpet
flag cannon infantry
leg charge forward
arm retreat regroup
gallop rejoice order (3)
burn prepare explosion
hand fingers foot/feet
armor artillery advance
bugle officer commander
faith lord (2) after them
rear majesty your majesty
lad suggest withdraw
battle field (3) gunpowder
defeat victory win/won/won
hurt injured wounded
sword fire (3) casualty
troops mad (2) shoot/shot/shot






Parliamentarian (Roundhead) Troops: Rejoice in the Lord. Rejoice in the Lord!

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Commander: Attack order, double-line abreast.


Assistant Commander: FORWARD!

Prince Rupert of the Rhine: The man must be mad!

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Commander: Prepare to attack.
Assistant Commander: PREPARE TO ATTACK!
Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Commander: Our swords are in God’s hands. And our faith is in the Lord.


Prince Rupert of the Rhine: FORWARD!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Commander: REGROUP! REGROUP!

Prince Rupert of the Rhine: AFTER THEM!

Commander of Second Roundhead Cavalry Unit: ADVANCE!

Prince Rupert of the Rhine: To the rear!

Commander of Roundhead Infantry, Pikemen, Musketeers: FORWARD!

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Commander: Come on, lads!
Commander of Third Roundhead Cavalry Unit: At the gallop!

Cavalier Commander: Your majesty, may I suggest we withdraw?
Charles I, King of England: No.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Gun, Rifle. In the beginning of the video, two armies faced each other off. True or false?

Pistol, Handgun. Were the troops moving quietly, stealthily?

Bullets, Ammunition. Is Oliver Cromwell, the Parliamentarian (Roundhead) leader secular or atheist?

Artillery, Cannon. The combatants and commanders wore camouflage uniforms. Is this right or wrong?

Gunpowder. At the start of the battle, did opposing soldiers shoot at each other?

Knife, Bayonet. Was the battle one dimensional, with the opposing armies clashing each other head-on?

Sword, Battle Axe. There was a battle tactic. There was a trap. Is this correct or incorrect?

Shield. What happened in the end? Was the King’s Army victorious?
Pike, Spear. My nation has been involved in many wars and battles. Yes or no?

Bow and Arrow, Crossbow. Why have wars been fought? Have the reasons changed over time?

Tank, Armored Vehicle. People subconsciously love and glorify war and fighting (in TV and movies). Men secretly wish their were great warriors or heroes. What do you think?

Warplane, Fighter Plane. In your opinion, what or who were the “greatest” fighting force or most revered fighting forces? What have been the “greatest wars”?

Warship, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate. What might happen in the future?

Missiles, Drones. What could or should people and governments do? How can the government or system be improved?

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