The English Civil War, 2




royal field (3) gentlemen
round elegant procession
regal uniform pompous
flag dashing flamboyant
pride splendid impatient
proud trumpet fashionable
plain cannon treacherous
armor artillery explosion
sword cavalry charge (3)
brave carriage frightening
parley majesty terrifying
battle helmet run/ran/run
drums musket courageous
devil coach (3) sheep/sheep
gallop feather horrifying
guard banner over there
rally gallant remembrance
edge colonel tooth/teeth
starve prepared begin/began/begun
agree strewn make/made/made (2)
fit (3) import swear/swore/sworn (2)
sacred fire (3) mercenary
insult rank (2) charge (2)
rear lord (2) on your guard
bugle pike (2) appoint (2)
devil artillery appointment
fool retreat commence
gallop advance forget/forgot/forgotten
export mark (2) send/sent/sent (2)
troop order (3) sound (2)
damn counter countermand
sir ground hold/held/held
quarry grateful put to flight
flight foreign approach
swift keep/kept/kept (2)



Edward, Earl of Manchester: Halt. Halt . . . where the devil are we?
Army Officer, one: Edgehill, my Lord. Over there.
Edward, Earl of Manchester: Good morning, Robert.
Robert, Earl of Essex: Good morning, Edward.
Edward, Earl of Manchester: Damn, they’ve got a lot of feathers over there. Where’s Cromwell?
Army Officer, one: Approaching now, my lord.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Charles II, Prince of Wales: Father look. It’s Lord Essex.
Prince Rupert of the Rhine: Come cousin. Let’s take a good look at these Roundheads. Your Majesty?

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Officer: God’s teeth. Have we not parleyed enough these past months?

Cavalier Commander: Well Essex, are you prepared?
Robert, Earl of Essex: We are. Shall we begin at ten?
Prince Rupert of the Rhine: Oh make it nine my Lord; I’m positively starving.
Sir Thomas Fairfax: Then in God’s name, let’s do it.
Cavalier Commander: It is agreed then. Nine o’clock?
Prince Rupert of the Rhine: And by my faith which I have not, I swear that within the hour, this field will be strewn with English dead.
Robert, Earl of Essex: If this be so, they will have been killed by Englishmen, for we have not seen fit to import foreign mercenaries into our ranks.
Prince Rupert of the Rhine: I will mark you well for that insult, sir. Be on your guard!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Cavalier Commander: Colors to the rear!
Roundhead Commander: Colors to the rear!
Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Officer: What in the name of God are we waiting for? Ireton, I though we came here to do battle.
Henry Ireton, Roundhead Officer: We are waiting for the appointed time.
Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Officer: The appointed time!?!

Colonel Hampden! Commence Firing!
John Hampden, Roundhead Colonel: FIRE!

Edward, Earl of Manchester: What the devil is that fool doing?

Cavalier Commander: Artillery, commence firing!
Cavalier Artillery Officer: FIRE!

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Officer: Oh Lord, thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget thee, do not thou forget me.

Roundhead Artillery Officer: FIRE!
Cavalier Artillery Officer: FIRE!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Edward, Earl of Manchester: You’d better send Fairfax in.
Robert, Earl of Essex: Ummm. Bugler, sound the charge.
Sir Thomas Fairfax: Troop, at the gallop! ADVANCE!

Cavalier Commander: Signal Rupert to advance. Bugler, sound the advance.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine: The sport begins! TALLY HO!

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Officer: Troop. To your left, at a gallop. CHARGE!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Edward, Earl of Manchester: This is getting too damn close for my liking.
Robert, Earl of Essex: Sound general retreat!
Roundhead Commanding Officer: Sound general retreat.

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Officer: My Lord, why in the name of Christ have you sounded the retreat?
Robert, Earl of Essex: Colonel you have already counter-manned my orders once today, you will do as you are told, sir!

Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead Officer: Hold your ground in the name of God! HOLD YOUR GROUND!

Prince Rupert of the Rhine: Well uncle, have you ever seen a quarry so swiftly put to flight?!?
Charles I, King of England and Scotland: The King will forever keep this field and this day sacred in grateful remembrance.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Gun, Rifle. The beginning of the video showed soldiers marching. True or false? Was everyone dressed in camouflage uniforms?

Pistol, Handgun. Were officers, sergeants and soldiers discussing tactics and strategies? Was everyone scared, anxious and nervous? How did everyone feel?

Bullet, Ammunition. Did one of the commanders arrive in a tank?

Artillery, Cannon. As soon as the opposing armies saw each other, they began fighting. Is this right or wrong?

Gunpowder. Did the soldiers begin the battle my marching and charging forward? How did they begin the battle?

Dagger, Bayonet. The armies only fought each other with swords. The soldiers only fought each other with swords. Their only weapon was swords. Is this correct or incorrect? Were there different tactics or only only a massive brawl? Did the officers communicate with radios?

Sword, Battle Axe. What happened in the end? Did one side win and the other side lose?

Shield. How did different people feel during the battle? Did everyone feel the same way?
Pike, Spear. My nation has been involved in many wars and battles. Yes or no?

Bow and Arrow, Crossbow. Why have wars been fought? Have the reasons changed over time?

Tank, Armored Vehicle. People subconsciously love and glorify war and fighting (in TV and movies). Men secretly wish their were great warriors or heroes. What do you think?

Warplane, Fighter Jet. In your opinion, what or who were the “greatest” fighting force or most revered fighting forces? What have been the “greatest wars”?

Warship, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate. What might happen in the future?

Missile, Drone. What could or should people and governments do? How can the government or system be improved?

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