the cowboy

The Cowboy



talent assistant knife/knives
medic miss (2) throw/threw/thrown
tempted make sure oh my goodness
willing place (2) pay/paid/paid
audition well done take my place
scary behind (2) in that case
next time






Amanda: “What’s your name?”
Edward Pinder: “Edward.”
Amanda: “Why are you on Britain’s Got Talent?”
Edward: “I’m a knife thrower.”
Amanda: “Right. And who is your assistant?”
Edward: “My mum.”
David: “Could you kill your mum doing this?”
Edward: “Yes.”
Amanda: “When you’re ready.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Side Stage Host, One: “Real knives. Real mother.”
Side Stage Host, Two: “Real medic.”

Audience: “Gasp!”
Amanda: “Oh my goodness.”
Audience: “Gasp!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Simon: “Very good, Edward. Have you ever missed?”
Edward: “No.”
Simon: “Have you ever got close?”
Edward: “Yes.”
Simon: “I’m tempted to go up there.”
Ayesha: “Are you?”

Simon: “Can I just see if they are real?”
Mum: “Yeah they are.”
Simon: “Oh my god. We’ll just do two, okay?”

Mum: “Alright, can you just make sure not to move?”
Simon: “I’ll be sure.”
Mum: “Okay.”

David: “Can I have a go at it? Honestly, I know what I’m doing.

What could possibly go wrong?”

Simon: “Edward, you’ve never auditioned for me before?”
Edward: Shakes his head.
Simon: “Okay.”

Ayesha: “Oh my god.”

Simon: “I kind of felt my life going in front of me there.”
Amanda: “You nearly killed Simon Cowell.”
David: “We might have to pay you to throw the knife a little nearer.”
Simon: “I can see in the next round, David can take the place of me. Would you be willing to do that?”
Edward: “Yeah.”
Simon: “In that case, I’m going to say ‘yes’.”
David: “If I can be behind Simon, I’m going to say ‘yes’.”
Ayesha: “It’s a ‘yes’ for me too.”
Amanda: “You’ve got four ‘yeses’ Edward, well done.”

Side Stage Hosts: “Well done. Well done. Good work.”
Simon: “That was scary.”
David: “It could be between the legs.”
Simon: “Next time there’s a knife act, you’re going up.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The woman was the main performer. True or false? Who was the woman?

2. Edward did a singing performance. Is this correct or incorrect? How was he dressed?

3. How did the judges and audience feel during his act?

4. What happened after Edward threw knives around his mother?

5. Did David want to throw knives at Simon?

6. “Edward, you’ve never auditioned for me before?” What does this mean?

7. Everything went smoothly with Simon. Everything went perfectly. Is this right or wrong?


A. Have you seen people throw knives or axes? Did you see this on TV?

B. I have watched cowboy movies. Yes or no?

C. Do you have a talent or skill?

D. Are talent shows and variety shows popular?

E. What will happen in the future?


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