The Confrontation




float helmet whisper
fight key (2) try/tried
warn secret wave (3)
shore rock (3) swim/swam/swum
sand island order (3)
gift disobey think/thought/thought (2)
drain weapon do my best
beard bother waste (2)
spear wooden go ahead
stay harass stay out of
ankle useless hide/hid/hidden
bow arrow send/sent/sent
crack sword good/better/best
shaft bronze throw/threw/thrown
beach statue fall/fell/fallenspear
reach annoy tell/told/told
choke repeat muscular






Hera, Queen of the Gods: I warned you, Jason; this is Hercules’ doing. Telos will try to kill all of you.
Jason, Leader of the Argonauts: How can I fight him?
Hera, Queen of the Gods: Think before you waste the gift of the Gods.
Jason, Leader of the Argonauts: Against the Man of Bronze, our weapons are useless! I repeat that question.
Hera, Queen of the Gods: Then I must answer it: fight Telos with your wits rather than your courage.

And look to his ankles.
Jason, Leader of the Argonauts: His ankles?
Hera, Queen of the Gods: There is nothing else I can tell you.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Hercules, Argonaut: Jason!
Jason, Leader of the Argonauts: You’ve disobeyed my orders!

Jason, Leader of the Argonauts: Go ahead to these rocks — but stay out of reach!
Acastus, Argonaut: And what will you do?
Jason, Leader of the Argonauts: I shall hide here, Acastus.
Acastus, Argonaut: And I shall do my very best to send him to you, Jason. My very best.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Land, Ground. In the beginning, Jason, the main character, was lying on a beach with his girlfriend. True or false?

Sea, Ocean. Was the sculpture just a wooden sculpture? Did she shout at Jason? Could you hear what it said? Did Jason completely understand Hera?

Hills, Mountains. Jason was very pleased and proud of Hercules. Is this right or wrong?

Soil, Dirt. Did the Argonauts have a party and celebrate? How did they feel? Why did they feel this way?

Sky, Clouds. Jason and the Argonauts ran into the sea and swam away. Is this correct or incorrect?

Sun, Moon, Stars. Did Jason and the Argonauts wrestle with Talos? What did they do?

Waves, Tides. What happened in the end?
Rain, Drizzle. I have seen ancient and medieval TV shows and movies. True or false?

Storm, Hurricane. Have you studied ancient Greek, Roman and Medieval history and literature?

Giants, Mythology, Legends. Had ancient Greeks or Romans come to your country?

Thunder, Lightning. My friends and I would like to go on an adventure. We would like to go on an expedition.

Snow, Snowflake. What might happen in the future?

Island. What could or should people do?

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