The Rookie




within attribute manufacture
boost industry (2) reply/replied
affirm dress (2) bring/brought/brought
sales imagine over and over again
ground perform appointment
know major (2) find/found/found
repeat drive (2) subconscious
mind attribute meet/met/met
field (4) cause (2) background
visual visualize message (2)
decide additional tell/told/told
tool previous take/took/taken (2)
join naturally arts and humanities
yet grow up drive/drove/driven (2)
rookie thing (2) apartment complex
really experience grow/grew/grown (2)
get in get/got/got good/better/best
ideal colleague bad/worse/worst
client executive think/thought/thought (2)
staff (2) country (2) find/found/found





The New Recruit

Unable to meet the sales quota, Joe was fired from his job as a salesperson at a garden supply store. The store manager then hired a replacement, Wayne, to join his sales staff.

The sales team questioned his decision: though Wayne had taken classes in the arts and humanities, such as history, psychology, sociology, in college, he had no previous experience in sales or even gardening (he had grown up in an apartment complex).



At first, Wayne was rather awkward when dealing with customers, most of whom were seasoned gardeners. But he picked things up very quickly. Customers grew to like him, and bought plenty of store items.

Wayne continued to learn more about gardening and improve his salesmanship.

Within just six months, not only had he become the top garden supply salesperson in the store, but for the entire franchise in the nation.

The manager and his coworkers asked Wayne how he was able to start with no experience or background in sales and gardening, and become the sales champion in such a short period of time.

The Secret

Wayne said he didn’t really know for sure . . . but there was one thing that he had done every day that he thought might have helped him.

“Every day as I ride my bike to work, which takes about twenty-one minutes, and oftentimes as I’m working, I say to myself, out loud, over and over again, things like

‘I’m First! I’m Smart! I’m Lucky!
 I’m the Best! I Win! I’m Successful and Prosperous!
 I’m the Best! I’m Lucky! I Win! I’m Rich!’

I even surprised myself by the results!”



*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Spade, Shovel. The main character of the story is an executive of a large multinational corporation. True or false?

Hoe. Was the company a factory that manufactures garden supply tools, like rakes, hoes, shovels, spades, sickles, work gloves and hedge trimmers?

Rake. As a new employee in the garden supply store, did Wayne have many years of experience as a gardener and salesperson?

Shears. Did Wayne meet his sales quotas or did he fail to meet them? What happened to him?

Wheelbarrow. Was this normal or unusual? Were his coworkers surprised? What did they ask him?

Bush Trimmers. What did he say his secret was? What was his secret?
Sickle. What could the explanation for this? What will happen to Wayne?

Salesperson. Who is the best employee in your company or organization? The best worker in my company is . . . . .

How or why is she or he the best? How did he or she become the best? Who is or was the best student in your school or university? Why is or was she or he the best student?

Clerk. Who earns the most in your company? . . . . . earns the most money in my company (in many cultures, it is considered impolite to talk about other people’s incomes). Is this person the same as in question “Salesperson”?

Accountant, Finance Manager.
Have your parents or teachers told you to say, “I’m the best! I’m a winner! I am a champion! I’m number one!”

Boss, Supervisor. Have you heard of “affirmations”?

Manager. Are you the best at anything? What do you want to be the best at? How can you become the best at something?

CEO, Executive, President.
What might happen in the future?

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