the bald eagle

The Bald Eagle



bald majestic powerful
hunt despite wonderful
beak feather actually
wing lovely find/found/found
lake nest seal (2)
soar swoop spot (2)
air grasp target (2)
sharp distinct watch out
steal cheeky wonderful
talon creature his own lunch







Bald Eagles

Bald eagles are majestic, powerful hunting birds.

They are a type of eagle with distinct colors. And despite their name, they actually aren’t bald.

They have lovely white feathers on their heads and tails, rich brown features on their body and wings, and yellow beaks.

The young are called fledglings, and they are all brown.

Bald eagles are found in North America. They are the National Animal of the United States of America. And can be found on the great seal of the USA.

Bald eagles live near the sea and lakes, in nests high up in trees. Their favorite food is fish.

Soaring high in the air, they use their great eyesight to spot their next target.

The eagle swoops down!

Grasping a fish with his sharp talons.

Watch out!

Another cheeky eagle is trying to steal his lunch.

Oops. Splash!

And another dropped fish.

Finally, success for the hungry bird.

High in the tree, the bald eagle eats the fish she has caught, while the other eagle has to find his own lunch.

Isn’t the bald eagle a wonderful flying creature?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Bald eagles do not have any feathers on their heads. True or false?

2. Does their color change or remain the same throughout their live? What color are they?

3. Bald eagles live in Europe, Australia, North and South America. Is this right or wrong?

4. Do bald eagles live high in the mountains?

5. Are they hunters? Do they like to eat small mammals? How do they usually get their food?

6. Is the bald eagle a completely “honest”, “law-abiding” bird?

7. Who can see better, eagles or people?


A. Are there eagles, hawks, falcons and owls in your area? Do you see them flying?

B. Are there sea or lake eagles?

C. What do people think of eagles? Are they symbols in art, the nation, etc?

D. Are raptors endangered? Are they protected by law?

E. I wish I were an eagle. Yes or no? Do you wish could you could change into an eagle and back to a human? Are there eagle superheroes?


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