The April Fair of Seville, 2




bridge fair (3) flamenco
dress belong ferris wheel
stairs parade horse-drawn carriage
clap carriage flamboyant
plaza castanet amusement park
trot area (3) roller coaster
street pitcher following
canal glass (2) intersection
tent costume festival tent
fan (3) portraits crosswalk
local party (2) association
guest private square (3)
feast banquet drink/drank/drunk
week stripped eat/ate/eaten
weak colorful livestock
gate entrance trade (3)
high member hold/held/held
wheel include public (2)
saddle socialize






Plaza de Espana Sevilla (The Plaza of Spain Seville)

The April Fair of Seville

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

The Park of Maria Luisa

Traditional costumes: Roma dresses for men and men’s outfit.

The Seville Fair traditionally starts two clear weeks after Semana Santa. The Fair started in 1846 as a livestock fair in the Prado de Sebastian, where horses were traded.

The Portada or Seville Entrance Gate is fifty meters high!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

“Real de la Feria” where the Fair is held, covers an area of 450,000 meters squared.

It includes an amusement park.

The casetas, stripped tents belonging to local families, friends, associations and political parties. The casetas are private and only open to members and their guests.

There are though a number of casetas open to the public with free entry.

This is a week of dancing, drinking and socializing from early afternoon until early morning the following day.

During the afternoon, Seville society parades around the city and down to the Fair.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

By early evening, the metro is very busy.

The evening in the city is unusually quiet as everyone is at the Fair.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Seville, Andalucia. Seville is a seaside city. Seville is a coastal city. True or false? Did you see a seacoast or seaside?

Cordoba, Granada, Malaga. Was everyone wearing blue-jeans, T-shirts and sneakers? Describe their clothing.

Galicia. Is the architecture new and modern or old, historical and classical in design? Did the video feature any modern infrastructure?

The Pyrenees. The April Fair has its origin in religion. The April Fair is based on a religious theme. Do you agree?

Barcelona, Catalonia. Is the mood somber and staid (serious), or exuberant, joyous and festive?

Madrid. Participants and guests came by limousine and taxis. Is this right or wrong?

Basque Country. People ate, drank, danced, partied in a single, huge hall. Is this correct or incorrect? Can guests enter some casetas?
Ibiza, Majorca, Balleric Islands. I was born in Spain. I am from Spain. I live in Spain. Yes or no? Would you and your friends like to live in Spain?

Canary Islands. Have you and your friends visited Spain? If not would you like to visit Spain?

Valencia. What do you associate with Spain? What comes to mind when you think of Spain? What are some stereotypes of Spain?

Portugal. Is Spain the most “popular” nation in the world?

The Rock of Gibraltar. What might happen in the future?

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