the 1950s one

The 1950s, three



decent kind (2) playground
air (2) scale (2) lay/laid/lain
forget whether grow/grew/grown
can tell daytime tell/told/told
mix coop up begin/began/begun
lonely wrinkle break/broke/broken
fun sit/sat/sat take/took/taken
annex face (2) chance (2)
chat measles complexion
sure focus (2) know/knew/known
crisp thing (2) bring/brought/brought
flavor scheme scheme of things
fresh shape (2) measure (2)
anew balance raw material
raw (2) achieve partner (2)
funny choose/chose/chosen







We live a decent kind of life: we fathers have a little time to watch our kids and play with them.

Ladies in the daytime. The people who laid out this place didn’t forget that air and sun are what we need for growing, whether it’s flowers of babies. Just watch us grow; the scales won’t hold us soon.

You can’t tell where the playing ends and where the work begins: we mix them here. We learn by living: playground schools libraries are meant for everyone.

Even the washing needn’t break a woman’s back — machines can take it. And the wife needn’t feel cooped up and lonely on washing day. A little sit for a friendly hand is good for the complexion.

The daily marketing is part of the fun. In fact the markets just an annex to the kitchen another chance to chat about the children’s measles or the weather or some new wrinkle in the diet that grandma never knew.

One thing is sure: most of the greens brought in by truck from nearby farms each morning are fresh and crisp, and haven’t lost their flavor or their youth.

In this new scheme of things the school becomes the center and the focus of activities. Here boys and girls live and relive of the life around them.

Getting the measure of our bigger world and shaping it anew. City and school and land in active partnership provide the raw materials for life and growth.

Here boys and girls achieve a balanced personality ready to build and meet a many-sided world, facing the good and bad choosing the best.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. This video was made in 2000. What do you think?

2. In those days, did people mostly stay indoors and play with their devices and watch TV?

3. People learned everything online. They got all their information from google. Is this right or wrong?

4. In the 1950s, did all homemakers (housewives) wash their clothes by hand?

5. Did all families go to stores by car? Did all shoppers bring their groceries home by car?

6. At school, children only sat at their desks and listened to their teachers. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. What was the video’s narrative or description of the 1950s? The 1950s were a great time, a good time, in the middle, normal, good and bad, a bad time or a terrible time?


A. What can you say about 1950s America?

B. Is today’s society the same, similar to, different o very different from the 1950s?

C. According to your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, when was the best decade, the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s?

D. What decade or time period would you like to live in?

E. What might happen in the future?

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