A Teppanyaki Restaurant




1. This was a fast-food restaurant. True, false, half-and-half, in a way it is?

2. Do the cooks prepare meals and dishes in a back kitchen?

3. This restaurant was like a circus. What do you think? Give examples of some of the acts or feats.

4. Did only the cooks perform? Were only the cooks involved in the performances?

5. Both the cooks and diners (customers) were Asian. Is this correct or incorrect? Where might this restaurant be?

6. Customer and diners come to the restaurant entirely for the meals and dishes. Do you agree?

7. Is this a mini-documentary, a promotion or advertisement or both?
A. Have you or your friends ever dined in a teppenyaki restaurant?

B. Are there “ethnic” restaurants in your city?

C. Do you think the culinary training focuses entirely on culinary techniques? How do the cooks train? Is it easy?

D. What might happen in the future?

E. Does or could this sort of cooking be applied to making hamburgers, pizza, kebabs, etc?

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