Teenage TV show

Teenage TV Show




pop up mean (3) say/said/said
job have to know/knew/known
armed up here have/had/had
arm too many dangerous
kiss move (2) shoot/shot/shot
ask enough get/got/got
couch promise how much






Meg: “Charles I have to say something here, I love you.”
Charles: “What do you mean?”
Meg: “I love the way you love kids.”
Charles: “Oh . . . Yeah. Well you know, I, I didn’t know how much until I got this job.”
Meg: “You know if we ever had children, they would be beautiful. How many children do you want to have?”
Charles: “Would three be too many times to have children?”
Boy One: “Charles he’s armed and dangerous! He’s shooting the water picks at anything that moves.”
Charles: “I promise you one day when you’re old enough to kiss a girl, I’m gonna pop up from behind a couch and ask you a question.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Charles: “Douglas!”
Douglas: “Up here!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Stove, Oven. This video took place at a school. True or false?

Door, Doorway. Were the boy and girl talking about math, physics and chemistry homework?

Walls, Window, Curtains. Did the girl want to go to the shopping mall, or get married?

Floor, Carpets, Rugs. The boy and girl kissed each other. Is this right or wrong?

Dining Table, Chairs.
Was the little boy laughing and telling jokes, or asking for help?

Sofa, Couch, Armchair. Was the big boy happy or angry with the little boy?

Fireplace. Was Douglas, the other boy, very dangerous? What did he do?
Living Room. I have seen this TV show before. I have seen Charles in Charge. Yes or no?

Dining Room.
Are there lots of kids’ and teenage TV shows? Are they popular?

Bedroom. Some students in my school have girlfriends or boyfriends.

Bathroom. Do your classmates play tricks or jokes on each other?

Kitchen. What might happen in the future?

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