technology park of Andalucia

The Technology Park

of Andalusia



factor location competitiveness
expand advantage environment (2)
big data assistance human resources
end up integrate infrastructure
host term (2) look forward
region strategic network (2)
local qualified balance (2)
upside matter (2) consultancy
access incredibly innovative
depend obviously collaboration
goal (2) leverage recommend
acquire highlight added value
asset joint (3) strengthen
R&D presence engagement (2)
benefit influence short-term
hub (2) amazing






Victor Fernando Munoz, Vice President of Strategic Projects, Malaga University: “Europe needs to come back more and more in science and technology in order to improve our competitiveness in the world.

This depends on a lot of factors, but you need an environment that provides you the best human resources, as we need an assistant to draw research and development processes.”

Vanessa Delclos, Brand Manager, Base Bone: “We are growing and expanding, and that’s why we are looking for new locations. That’s a reason why we are currently present and operating the Malaga PTA.

Tilmann Holm, CEO Gymcraft: “We came here to Malaga because it’s an incredibly nice city . . . We love the weather here, the sun, and the work-life balance, and also the very professional infrastructure.”

Sofia Schneider, Senior Sales Manager, Oracle: “Malaga is an amazing place to integrate international people, and not only because of the weather, but definitely also because of the many resources that Malaga has as a city.”

Hector Montes, VP of Sales tup: “Because Malaga hosts an international airport with excellent communications making it particularly interesting to become a European hub.”

Justo Ruiz-Rerrer, CEO ITRS: “Our relationship with the university is one of the most important reasons why we actually ended up moving to this region of Spain.

Everything has been an upside for us. The level of welcome and support we have been receiving has been great.”

Svetlana Yefimova, Director, Ciklum, Spain: “When you’re starting up in a new country, it’s really important to get connected to local networks, environments, to receive qualified help, assistance and consultancy in all the matters you can come across.”

Juan Manuel Melero, Head of Network Design and Optimization, Ericsson: “We decided to strengthen our presence locally here, since we had a number of strategic advantages that we could leverage from.

One of them, obviously being the relationship with Malaga University.”

We have a collaboration agreement with Malaga University, the final goal we have is that the University of Malaga and Accenture Technology can give a good answer to the society needs.”

Tilmann Holm, CEO Gymcraft: The PTA is also something like a laboratory for us; we are working together with lots of companies here, and of course also with the Yuma.”

Because there are many successful companies from large multinational corporations to innovative startups.”

So I highly recommend that for technological companies that are looking to acquire IT talents within the Malaga community to be located in the PTA.

We like to highlight the fact that we have a very good relationship with the university. We have strong collaborations agreements with them in terms of research and development, which influence very much the kind of products that we take to market, and the technologies languages that are supported.

But most importantly, we also can influence important academic programs like the master’s in Big Data for example, which we support.

And having two-thousand-and-five-hundred (2,500) students in tech specialties in the University of Malaga is quite an asset for us because we can receive their qualified resources.

The benefits that a company gets from a relationship with the University of Malaga include access to talented engineers.

The relationship with the University of Malaga includes training and education that tries to improve the professional skills in students.

We actually have a very close relationship with Malaga University in terms of growing the team and the employees that we have here in Malaga, as well as having joint research engagements where we are working with personnel from the university in developing new concepts in the area where we have R&D activities in Malaga.

Collaboration between Oracle and the University of Malaga is strong. We also use their open innovation center called the Green Ring. So we hold important meetings there. We go to trainings, and that’s a huge added value to our company.

Because we are looking to be close to the foretelling of the future, to add value to our company.

As well as the possibility to engage in short and long-term projects in joint activities thorough the university.

The relationship that we have with the university cannot be priced enough, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future, and with Malaga city was well, and the technological park.


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1. Does Europe have enough, not enough or too many talented, skilled and technical workers?

2. A good work, research and social environment is conducive to innovation and productivity. Is this true or false?

3. Is Malaga an attractive place to set up enterprises? Why is it an attractive place? What are its advantages?

4. Do the companies work in isolation or do they form partnerships?

5. At the PTA, are the businesses small startups, mid-sized companies, big, multinational corporations or a mixture of all three?

6. The video frequently mentions the University of Malaga. Why do they always mention the University of Malaga?

7. Are they optimistic or pessimistic about the future?


A. There are high-tech centers or “Silicon Valleys” in my country. Yes or no? Where are they? What activities take place there?

B. Are there enough, not enough or too many skilled, talented and technical workers?

C. There are lots of international, multinational tech companies. Is this correct or incorrect?

D. What will happen in the future?

E. What should parents, students, schools, universities, governments and businesses do?

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