take over throw away

Take over, Throw away

Try on, Turn around



take over take up tell off
throw in tick off (2) throw away
throw off throw open throw in the towel
try on throw up throw out (2)
try out try out for turn around (2)
turn down (2)


Take over, Take up, Tell off,
Tick off (2)

1. Take over: to take control of a company, government, country.
I don’t want another company to take over my company. Yes or no?
Do you want a different political party to take over the government?

2. Take up: begin (a hobby or leisure-time activity).
I want to take up scuba diving someday. True or false? What hobby do your friends want to take up?

3. Tell (someone) off: to scold, criticize; speak bluntly what someone did wrong.
Is it okay or acceptable to tell a coworker or subordinate off, or to be indirect?

4. Tick off (1):
to irritate or annoy someone; make angry or upset.
What ticks you or your friends off? …………ticks me off.

5. tick off (2): to put check next to an item on a list.
Do you know the secret of success? What is the secret of success?

Throw away, Throw in, Throw in the towel, Throw off, Throw open

6. Throw away: discard; get rid of; put in the garbage.
People shouldn’t just throw away used things. Do you agree? Is there a recycling program?

7. Throw in: include as a bonus or added gift.
Does your company throw in a bonus or gift with (major) purchases?

8. Throw in the towel: to give up, quit; surrender.
After several years in business, Brad threw in the towel. What does this mean? What happened? Do you knew people who threw in the towel on a project?

9. Throw off: to rebel and free oneself from bondage, oppression.
After many years, the peasants threw off their yokes. What does this mean? What happened? Give examples.

10. Throw open: open widely or quickly.
What happened on the 26th of November (the start of the Christmas season)?

Throw out (2), Throw up, Try on, Try out

11. Throw out: to discard, get rid of.
People often throw out food. Why do they throw food out? Do people often throw out edible foods?

12. Throw out: forcibly make someone leave.
The landlord threw out the tenant. Why did the landlord throw out the tenant?
Do clubs sometimes or often throw people out?

13. Throw up: to vomit.
Keith threw up. Why did he throw up?

14. Try on: to wear new clothes in a dressing room in a shop to see if it fits and if you like it.
I always try on clothes before I buy it. I love to try on new clothes, even if I don’t buy them. True or false?

15. Try out: to sample; to use a machine, gadget, or taste food briefly to see how it is.
Why do supermarkets give free feed to shoppers? I always try out a new cell phone or laptop. Yes or no?

Try out for, Turn around (2), Turn down (2)

16. Try out (for): to undergo a test or trial to try to win a place on a team or other organization.
Have many of your friends or classmates tried out for the football team, acting roles, dance company?

17. Turn around (1): to change or reverse completely.
Bobby was walking down the street. Suddenly he turned around. Why did he turn around?

18. Turn around (2): to change for the better; bring from a bad to a good condition.
Can a unprofitable company be turned around? How can a loosing company turn itself around?

19. Turn down (1): decrease the volume.
I wish my roommate (neighbor, people outside) would turn down their stereo (TV). Yes or no?

20. Turn down (2): refuse, reject.
Our company turns down many job applicants. Many companies turn down my job application. True or false? Why do companies turn down job applicants?

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