take off take out

Show off, Stand out

Take away, Take off



Show up Can’t stand Show off (2)
Stand up Take off (4) Take/bring back
Stand for Take after Take out (3)
Take back Stand out Take care of (2)
Slip up Take away


Show off (2), Show up, Slip up, Stand out, Stand up

1. Show off: to display or exhibit.
Describe the peacock. How do rich people show off? Rich people show off by….
Do businesses show off? How do businesses show off?

2. Show off: excessive, vain display.
Bob showed off to the girls. How did he show off to the girls? Why does he show off to the girls? How does Sheryl show off?

3. Show up: arrive; appear.
There is going to be a meeting between a vendor (supplier) and a prospect (client).
It’s okay for the prospect to show up late, but it’s unacceptable for the vendor to show up late. True or false? What would happened if one or the other shows up late?

4. Slip up: make a mistake; bungle.
Ryan slipped up during the job interview. Did he get the job?

5. Stand out: be different from average; conspicuous.
Is it good or bad for your work to stand out from your competitors?

6. Stand up: rise to a standing position.
When do people have to stand up? People have to stand up when….

Stand for, Can’t stand, Take after, Take away, Take/bring back, Take back

7. Stand for: represent.
What does the Statue of Liberty stand for? The Statue of Liberty stands for….
What are some monuments or symbols in your country? What do they stand for?

8. Can’t stand: cannot tolerate.
I can’t stand loud music, noises, and heavy traffic. Do you agree?
What can’t you stand?

9. Take after: inherit from pr resemble a parent, grandparent, uncle.
My friend takes after his or her parents. Yes or no?
Why do people often take after their parents?

10. Take away (1): remove something or someone.
Martin’s mother took away his lollypop. Was this good or bad? The police took Jeff away to the rehabilitation center. Why did they take him away to the rehab center?

11. Take-away (adj, UK): food that is take away from a restaurant.
Which meals are popular take-away meals in your city?

12. Take / bring back: to return something.
What do dogs do? Do your coworkers and classmates often forget to bring back pen when they borrow them? What did the police do after they caught the thieves?

Take care of (2), Take off (4)

13. Take care of (1): to look after, provide care for, watch one’s health.
Who takes care of elderly people? Who takes care of parents when they get old?
How do travelers take care when eating abroad?

14. Take care of (2): take responsibility for something.
The secretary will take care of your travel arrangements. Who takes care of employee well-being in your company?

15. Take off (1): remove (something you’re wearing).
Do people take off their shoes when they enter a home?

16. Take off (2): an airplane leaving the ground and into the air.
Have you even flown on an airplane? What was it like?

17. Take off (3): to leave suddenly and quickly.
It’s Friday afternoon. What happens? Does everyone love Fridays?

18. Take off (4): make arrangements to be absent from work.
What are the rules for taking days off in your company? What are examples of employees taking days off? Some people take days off because….

Take out (2), Take-out

19. Take out (1): to bring the garbage out of the house.
Who takes out the garbage in your house? It’s important to make the children take the garbage out of the house. Do you agree?

20. Take out (2): a male (boyfriend) bringing a female (girlfriend) to a restaurant, movie, etc.

Jeff took out his coworker on Saturday. Jeff took his coworker out to the movies.
Do coworkers in your company date each other? Do men in your company take women out? When a man takes a women out on a date, he must always pay. True or false?

21. Takeout (adjective): cooked meals to carry from a (fast food) restaurant to eat at home.
My friends had a takeaway Chinese meal on Friday and takeaway pizza on Saturday. Do you have takeout meals at home? What are some popular take out meals?

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