Wendy from Taiwan

Wendy from Taiwan talks about her life.



liquid crystal materialistic
PR corporate communication
worry manager assistant
bother complete incomplete
freak important control freak
bit (2) too much otherwise
display leisure time designer brand
barrier thing (2) think/thought/thought
for me racial globalization
chance community international
used to broader horizon
calm miss (2) give a chance
leisure work out date (2)




My name is Wendy Chung, I now live in Taipei, Taiwan. I’m 31 years old this year.

What do you do for a living?

I now work for Merk, which is a German company (a producer of liquid crystal displays). I’m the company’s corporate communications PR assistant manager.

What worries you?

If I have some incomplete project at work it worries me.

Also since I’m a little bit of a control freak, what I can’t control worries me as well. But I try not to let that bother me to much these days, otherwise I’ll have too much to worry about every day.

What makes you happy?

When I was younger, I looked for more materialistic achievements like money or designer brand bags. But now as I enter in my 30’s I think to have really good friends and a family who loves you is the most important thing in the world.

What does globalization mean to you?

I think for me, globalization means that national and racial barriers are now not as important as before. We are all now part of an international community. We are now open to new ideas and new people.

And our world horizon is much broader.

What country would you like to visit?

I used to live in Sweden when I was little. And now if I were given the chance, I would really love to go to Scandinavia again, because I really miss the beautiful nature, the calm forests and the lakes.

How do you spend your free time?

Usually I like to go to the gym to work out. And to have dinner and movies with friends. And also if there’s a good date that’s a good way to spend my leisure time.

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Taiwan. Who is this person? What’s her name? Is she from Shanghai, China? Is she twenty-seven years old?

Hong Kong.
Wendy is a chemical engineer. True or false? Does she work for a domestic, Taiwanese company?

Does she worry about finding a job? What worries her?

South Korea.
“I am a ‘control freak’.” What does this mean?

Fast sports cars makes Wendy happy. Is this right or wrong? Has Wendy changed? Has what makes her happy changed?

What does globalization mean to her? Does she favor more international trade, cooperation and interaction?

She would like to visit or live in Hawaii, Tahiti or the Philippines. Is this correct or incorrect?

In her free time, does she like to hike in forests and go for bike rides?

Laos. Are you from Taiwan? Do you live in Taiwan? Have you ever been to Taiwan?

Have you met anyone from Taiwan? Who were they? What were they doing?

Sri Lanka.
Describe the climate and geography of Taiwan.

Describe the economy of Taiwan. What does it import and export?

Does Taiwan have any problems or challenges?

What is the food of Taiwan like? Describe Taiwanese cuisine.

What are some tourists attractions (cultural, historical, natural)?

Japan. What comes to mind when you think of Taiwan? What do you associate with Taiwan?

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