Tourist guide from Palmyra


Hussein from Palmyra talks about tourism and globalization.


live proud/pride desert
dessert the most beautiful
city whole Mediterranean
tour guide tourism
season seasonal high
low something like (2)
something like month corruption (2)
morals past in the past
before make live
make their living used to pension
globalization now start
fire (2) part part of
difficult impose belief
one way (2) think (2) kind (2)
so here variety
society color colorful (2)
eliminate all other
culture idea ideal
ideals that’s why happy
faith (2) place life
social life town also
quite relax harmony/harmonious
could be in fact because
practice much forget
lots of learn what I have learned




1. Who is this person?

2. What is his profession or occupation?

3. How much does he earn? It is the same throughout the year. Yes or no?

4. What does he say about globalization?

5. Does he like the past or the present better?

6. What makes him happy?

7. What country would he like to visit? Why?

8. Name ten things and seven activities from the video.


A. Do you live in Syria? Are you from Syria? Have you been to Syria?

B. Have you met people from Syria? Who were they? Were they students, tourists, business people?

C. Describe the climate and geography of Syria.

D. Describe the economy of Syria. What does it import and export?

E. Does Syria have any difficulties or challenges?

F. What is Syrian food like? Describe the cuisine of Syria.

G. What are some tourist attractions (cultural, historic, natural)?

H. What do you associate with Syria? What comes to mind when you think of Syria?


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