swimming and surfing

The Surfing Zone




surf area (2) swim/swam/swum
pier dammit move (2)
board hold on lifeguard
swell careful hold/held/held
favor prevent shoot/shot/shot (2)
tower accent think/thought/thought (2)
neck pack (3) try/tried
hurt scared out there
pain sign (3) pretty (2)
cure vacation do me a favor






Mitch, Lifeguard: “Swimmer, you’re in a surfer area. Please move south.

Swimmer, you’re in a surfer area. Please move south towards the pier.



.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Mitch, Lifeguard: “Here, take the can.”
Lena, Swimmer: “Thanks!”
Mitch, Lifeguard: “Hold on.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Mitch, Lifeguard: “You okay? . . . You took a pretty good shot from that board out there.”
Lena, Swimmer: “Ah, it wasn’t that bad . . . I think it scared me more than it actually hurt.
Mitch, Lifeguard: “Do me a favor, try moving your neck.
Any pain?”
Lena, Swimmer: “Ah! Actually, yeah. Wow.”
Mitch, Lifeguard: “If you want, I got a cold pack in the tower. It’ll help prevent some of the swelling and cure the pain.
Lena, Swimmer: Yeah, that’s a good idea.
Mitch, Lifeguard: “Okay.”
Lena, Swimmer: Yeah, ah, I’m sorry.
Mitch, Lifeguard: “It’s okay. Come on. Here. Put this on your shoulder. It’ll help the swelling go down.
Lena, Swimmer: “Thanks. Listen, I’m sorry about all this.”
Mitch, Lifeguard: “But didn’t you see the signs? This beach is for surfing only.
Lena, Swimmer: “Oh! No, I’m sorry. I should have been more careful.”

Mitch, Lifeguard: “That’s a real pretty accent. Where you from?”
Mitch, Lifeguard: “Rome?
Lena, Swimmer: “No, I live in a small town outside of Naples.”
Mitch, Lifeguard: “You on vacation?”
Lena, Swimmer: “No, I’m an actress. I’m here working on a film. My name’s Lena.”
Mitch, Lifeguard: “Hi Lena. I’m Mitch. I’m from Venice. Venice, California. Oh, the other Venice, yeah.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Beach, Sand. In the beginning of the video, a lifeguard called a swimmer with his mobile phone. True or false?

Waves. Why did the lifeguard speak to the swimmer? Was there a problem? Was she doing something wrong?

High-tide, Low-tide. There was an emergency. Is this right or wrong? What happened in the water? What happened to the swimmer?

Seashore, Coastline, Coast, Shore. Did four lifeguards go to the swimmer with a rescue boat?

Ocean, Sea. Was the swimmer completely alright? Was she fine?

Lake, Pond. Lena wanted to surf on the waves. Is this correct or incorrect?

River, Stream. What nationality is Lena? Is she a tourist in California? Where is Mitch, the lifeguard, from?
Storm, Thunder Storm, Thunder and Lightning. I have been to a beach. Yes or no? If yes, what beaches have you been to?

Hurricane, Typhoon. Are beaches popular places? Do people like going to beaches?

Swim, Snorkel, Scuba dive. My friends and I are good swimmers.

Surf, Windsurf. Have you ever surfed before? Have you seen surfers?

Jet Ski, Motorboat, Speedboat. What could or should people do at beaches?

Paragliding. What might happen in the future?

Water Skiing. My friends, classmates and colleagues want to be actors or actresses.

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