Superman baseball

Superman and Baseball




push captain fly/flew/flown
fire strong airplane
pilot co-pilot baseball
sky cabin passenger
hero burn audience
save rescue out of control
fast quick field (3)
cape cheer powerful





*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Head. In the beginning, Superman was swimming in a lake. True or false?

Eyes. Did he see an airplane flying normally? Was an airplane flying normally?

Nose. Superman flew in the opposite direction of the airplane. Superman flew away from the airplane. Is this right or wrong?

Mouth. What did he do? How was he going to save the airplane?

Teeth. Below on the ground, there was a soccer (football) match. Is this correct or incorrect?

Ears. When the people in the sports stadium saw the airplane coming, did they feel excited and thrilled?

Hair. Did the airplane crash on the ground? Why didn’t it crash on the ground?

Neck. Was the stadium audience shocked and silent?
Body. I have seen Superman cartoons, shows and movies. True or false?

Arm. What can Superman do?

Hand, Fingers. If Superman were real, if Superman were here, what could he do? If Superman were real, he could . . . . .

Shoulder. Some people hate Superman. What do you think?

Stomach. I have a favorite superhero. Is this right or wrong? Do you have a favorite comic book, movie or TV hero?

Back. My friends and I wish we had super powers. Yes or no?

Legs, Foot, Feet, Toes. What might happen in the future?

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