Superlatives, 1


Superlative adjectives highlight one (or more) among a group of items. They identify the item(s) as having the highest or lowest quality referred to.

Structure of Superlative Adjectives: Intensifying

Superlative = the (adjective)-est/iest or
Superlative = the most + adjective


Adjective Superlative
smart the smartest
hot the hottest
heavy the heaviest
important the most important
ridiculous the most ridiculous
technical the most technical

Superlative Sentence Structures: Positive and Intensifying

  Forms of the verb be:
be, am, is, are, was, were, been, being


Subject + be + (one of) + superlative (noun)
Subject + main verb + (one of) + superlative (noun)

• Elephants are the biggest land animals.
• Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players.
• Dr. Ford uses the most powerful computer in the lab.

The company’s best hacker fixed the system.
• I bought the latest smartphone.
• Smita was the brightest student in our class.
• Only the best can perform at the City Concert Hall.
• The football captain is dating the most popular girl.


Negative Sentences

Subject + be + (not) + superlative (noun)
Subject + do not + verb-1+ superlative (noun)

• I am not the most qualified person for this position.
• English isn’t the most difficult language to learn.
• The old cannery didn’t produce the worst pollution in town.
• This restaurant doesn’t serve the tastiest bean soup.
• The team with the best record didn’t win the championship.
Yes-No Questions

Be + subject + superlative (noun)?

Do + subject + verb-1 + superlative (noun)?

• Are tortoises the slowest animals?
• Does parsley contain the most antioxidants per serving?
• Is classical literature the most boring subject?
• Were the Beatles the most famous rock group?
WH Questions

WH-Q word + be + superlative (noun)?

WH-Q word + do + subject + verb-1 + superlative (noun)?

• Who is or was the greatest magician?
• When is the best time to get married?
• How did Blanche became the highest paid salesperson in the company?




Answer the following questions

Fill in the blanks, or say if you agree or disagree. Say why and give examples.



7. The most visited website is . . . . . What is the most watched or most popular TV show? The most popular TV show is . . . .

18. What is the most popular meal or food in your city?

21. What is the most valuable or expensive thing that your friend has?

24. The 1980s was the best decade. The 1980s was the Golden Age. Do you agree? What was the best year?

37. What is the most popular hobby or pastime?

65. Who is your favorite writer, actor, singer, athlete, celebrity? My favorite writer (actor, singer) is . . . .



Society, Social

99. The most common (first) names in my country are Barney and Matilda. Is this right or wrong?

Is the most common surname in your nation Smith? What are the most common surnames in your country? What are the most common surnames in neighboring countries?

180. What is the most common job? What is the most popular job?

360. The loudest or most talkative politicians, athletes or celebrities are ______. What do they talk (or scream, shout and yell) about?

365. Who is the most interesting or eccentric person you know? Describe him or her.

911. Who is the most successful person you know? What makes him or her so successful?

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