superlatives two

Superlatives, two


Superlative adjectives highlight one (or more) among a group of items. They identify the item(s) as having the highest or lowest quality referred to.

Structure of Superlative Adjectives: Intensifying

Superlative = the (adjective)-est/iest or
Superlative = the most + adjective



Adjective Superlative
smart the smartest
hot the hottest
heavy the heaviest
important the most important
ridiculous the most ridiculous
technical the most technical


Superlative Sentence Structures:
Positive and Intensifying

Forms of the verb be:

be, am, is, are, was, were, been, being


Subject + be + (one of) + superlative (noun)
Subject + main verb + (one of) + superlative (noun)


• Elephants are the biggest land animals.
• Shaq O’Neal was one of the greatest basketball players.
• Dr. Sundari uses the most powerful computer in the lab.

The company’s best hacker fixed the system.
• I bought the latest smartphone.
• Smita was the brightest student in our class.
• Only the best can perform at the City Concert Hall.
• The football captain is dating the most popular girl.



713. Where is the most beautiful, exotic or enchanting places for you? Describe it. The most beautiful place is . . . . .

714. The most dangerous places are . . . . Why are they so dangerous? Where are the safest places?

715. The most peaceful, tranquil and relaxing places are . . . . Where are the most stressful places?

716. What is the best city, place, or country to live in? What are the worse places to live?

717. The most fun and exciting place is . . . .

Where is the most boring place to live or visit?

718. What city, region or nation has the most beautiful women or handsomest men? Who is the most beautiful woman and handsomest man?


School and Work

819. What are the most and least popular majors in universities? Why? What are the most popular school subjects? What are the easiest and most difficult school subjects?

The most popular university majors are . . .

820. When is the busiest time of the day and year for your school, company or organization? When is the least busy period?

821. The most interesting conversation topic is politics. Do you agree? What are the most controversial subjects? What are the most boring topics?

822. Who is (or was) the most popular person from your school or workplace?

823. Who is (or was) the best teacher or professor from school or university? Who is or was the best boss you’ve had? Describe him or her. Describe (but don’t name) the worst teacher or boss you’ve had.


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