superlatives 3

Superlatives, 3



Physical and Mental Wellness

24. Who is (was) the oldest person? What are (were) her or his secrets to longevity? The oldest person is (was) . . . .

25. What are people most frightened, scared, or afraid of?

26. Who are the happiest people? Why are they so happy? Are people happier now or in the past?

27. What are the most stressful situations? What causes the greatest amounts of stress?

28. What are the most dangerous ideas, activities, movements, trends, or persons?

29. What are the most radical ideas, concepts, or beliefs?

30. The strongest race on earth are . . . .


31. The most important values to teach children are . . . . .

32. The youngest president, leader or entrepreneur is/was . . . .

33. What is the most annoying activity or habit? Who is the most annoying person?

34. Who is or was the most desirable woman (or man)?

35. What has been the greatest lie or myth?


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