The Superlative




hire think (2) background (2)
sales staff (2) executive
mind recruit manufacture
yet within experience
top region whole country (2)
over nature naturally
often thing (2) experience
move decision over and over
really imagine appointment
help previous major (2)
half repeat find/found/found
join sentence sell/sold/sold
deep cause conscious (mind)
perform command




A New Recruit

An executive of a major manufacturing company had hired a young man to join his sale staff some time ago.

Some on his staff questioned his decision; the recruit had no previous experience in selling.

Top Salesman

Yet within six months, Robert, the newcomer, had become the top salesman not only in the regional office, but the entire country.

Naturally he was often asked how, starting with no experience or background in sales, he was able to move to the top in just half a year.

The Secret

Robert answered, “Well I don’t know really . . . but there is one thing I do every day that I think has helped me.

“Every time I get into my car, for at least fifteen minutes as I am driving to any appointment, I say to myself over and over again, ‘I’M THE BEST! I’M THE BEST! I’M THE BEST!'”

*     *     *     *     *     *


Nine. This was a story about a basketball team. True or false?

Ten. Did the new salesman have lots of sales experience?

Eleven. Was Robert a poor salesperson? Did he make no sales, few, some, or lots of sales? What happened to his sales performance?

Twelve. Robert took a long time to learn how to sell. Robert took many years to learn how to sell. Is this right or wrong?

Thirteen. Did he learn the art of selling? Did he read lots of books and listen to lots of CDs about sales?

What was the Robert’s secret?

Fifteen. The psychological explanation is . . . . . .
Sixteen. Have you hear this story or similar stories before?

I have seen and heard about this secret or technique many times before. Yes or no?

Eighteen. Have you, your parents, teachers or coaches said anything similar to you?

Nineteen. Can you think of how this can be used in real life?

What might happen in the future?

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