superconscious vocabulary

The Superconscious Mind

Vocabulary Building



limited wonder capability
access tap into accomplish
expand connect represent
merely express average
tools acquire craftsman
oral ability translate
impact effective get your point across
achieve dedicate tremendous
goal (2) stimulate meaningful
effort affirm visualize
boost impetus


The Superconsious Mind

In the previous article, we talked about the superconscious.

Your superconscious mind has unlimited capabilities and can perform wonders — as longs as you access it.

So how do you tap into it?

Vocabulary Building

One way of doing so is by increasing your vocabulary. The best way to accomplish this is through reading, listening and watching good books, magazines, CDs and videos.

Vocabulary building books and programs also help.

When you do this, you expand your thinking.


You see, every word in a language represents a thought or idea. They are also connect and opens the door to 10 other words.

You can become smarter merely by learning one new word a day. This translates to 365 words a year. Within five years you will become one of the most educated persons in society.

The average child learns 5,000 new words in the first five years of their life; the average adult acquires less than five a year!


Words are the tools with which we think. Just as the more tools a craftsman has, the better is his creations, the more words we have, the better is our thinking, and the better is the world we create.

The ability to express yourself orally, to read and write well and get your point across has a tremendous impact on your life.

Can you imagine a successful person who cannot communicate effectively?

The truth is, all high achievers are excellent communicators in one form or another.


Another method to stimulate your superconscious is to write and rewrite your goals and working on them continuously.

Dedicating your time and effort towards something meaningful to you is a sure way to boost your intelligence and creativity.

Affirming and visualizing what you want provides more impetus.

In the next section, we will explore more ways to become smarter.


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1. Our superconscious minds can achieve almost anything if we can effectively harness it. Is this the main idea of this article?

2. How can you boost your vocabulary? Does it take strenuous learning?

3. A person with a big vocabulary is smarter than someone with a limited vocabulary. Is this true or false? How does having a big vocabulary increase intelligence and creativity?

4. What can you say about children vs. adults in terms of vocabulary acquisition?

5. Good communication is a key to success. Yes or no?

6. Does just sitting and watching TV most of the time make people smarter?
A. Who is the smartest person you know? Give examples of his or her intelligence.

B. Who has a big vocabulary? How did he or she acquire such a big vocabulary?

C. Has your vocabulary been increasing year by year?

D. People who have a specialized career or hobby are smart (in that field and in general). What do you think?

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