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Summer Work and Travel



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Work and Travel

It was a summer they will never forget.

In 2007, nine students from a high school near Timisoara, Romania spend four weeks in Seville, Spain.

Off We Go

First they flew to Madrid, and then took a train.

“My first impression of Seville was how hot it was,” said Cosmin, one of the students.

The students, along with their chaperone, Mrs. Olesea stayed with three different host families.

New in Town

For the next few days, everyone toured the city’s attractions, including churches, cathedrals and the main square.

fountain 1
On the Job Training

When it came to work, four students were assigned to a hotel. There they served as front desk clerks (receptionists).

Their supervisor was a Dutch woman. “She could speak English, French, German, Spanish as well as Dutch. And she even began learning Romanian,” said Denisa, another student.

Continental Breakfast

Meanwhile, the other students were placed in different hotels where they helped out in their restaurants.

Cosmin, for example, bussed tables during breakfast and brunch. The fare consisted of melons, croissants, cheese, coffee and orange juice.


In their free time the teenagers continued to explore the city. They visited the Seville Cathedral, the third largest building in Europe (the biggest are St. Peter’s Church in Rome and the Basilica in Lourdes, France).


The students also got to know the locals.

Mrs. Olesea noticed how people here had strong family ties. “Angustia, my host would call her mother every evening. Relatives and friends visited often. We became friend.”

Local Cuisine

In the kitchen, Angustia showed Mrs. Olesea how to cook traditional dishes. Among them was paella, rice cooked with garlic, saffron, and seafood.

4 paella



When it came time to leave, the students went shopping for souvenirs. In the end, everyone bought miniature toros (bulls). “I have so much to tell my friends back home,” said Denisa.

*     *     *     *     *     *


1. The students went to Spain to travel and work. True or false?
2. Where did they stay? Did they stay in hotels?
3. Describe the Denisa’s supervisor.
4. Cosmin cooked bacon and eggs for the guests. True or false?

5. What were some of the attractions that the students visited?
6. Did Mrs. Olesea make new friends? How?
7. What did she learn?
8. What presents did the students take home to their families?

A. Have you or your friend had summer jobs or a part-time job? If yes, what did you or your friend do?

B. Have you traveled abroad? If yes, where?
C. Would you like to live and work abroad for the summer–or one or more years?


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