summer vacation

My Summer



hard hardly highlight
grade pack (2) board (2)
reach local destination
adult share dormitory
head similar passenger
tour seaside charades
admire town-square accommodation
cool resort head back

Gus describes his summer holiday


I could hardly wait! My class is going on a vacation to the seaside this summer. In order to go, students have to get good grades in our courses: English … math … history … science.

Coach Ride

So I studied hard and passed.

On a Saturday morning in August, fourteen students and three adults from our high school in Kosice, Slovakia, boarded a tour bus and departed.

A few days later, we reached our destination: Lagos, Portugal.

The Resort

Our accommodation was a hostel for student-travelers. I shared a room with three of my friends.

After unpacking we walked around the beach.

There we saw lots of tourists from France, Britain, Holland and Scandinavia.

The resort area looked similar to those that I’ve visited in Italy and Turkey.

Dinner Before Dessert

The next morning our math teacher said we would tour the city. But first — ENGLISH LESSONS.

We had two teachers. Mrs. Ann, a local, taught us grammar. Meanwhile Mr. Markus from Holland told us stories. We also talked about music, sports, movies, travel, food and school.

But our favourite activity was charades.

After that, we went swimming in the beach.

The Town

The highlight of our holiday was a day-trip to a small town in the hills. We went there by our bus.

In town-square, we admired churches and historical buildings.

For lunch we stopped by a small restaurant. I ordered a steak with chips. Others had pork or chicken with rice or potatoes.

Cool Weather

At the end of two weeks, we headed back home. In a few days, the weather cooled. School was starting again.

*     *     *     *     *     *

1. Gus felt very excited during the school year. True or false? Why was he very excited?

2. Who attended the trip? Did they fly to their destination?

3. Where did they stay? What sort of accommodation did they have?

4. The visitors were mostly from France, Holland and Britain. Is this correct or wrong?

5. The students only rested and relaxed. Yes or no?

6. What was their favourite classroom activity?

7. What was the best part of their vacation?

A. What was the best vacation you have been on?

B. Has your school organized excursions and trips? Have you been on them? Have you ever had a study-holiday?

C. What is meant by “dinner before dessert”? Did your mother tell you that? How would this apply to school and work?

E. Where do people from your town or country go on holiday/vacation?

F. Who comes to your country or city as tourists?


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