Summer Camp, three




crazy sound (2) know/knew/known
ability awesome do-does/did/done
act activity think/thought/thought (2)
access cookie (2) make/made/made
place located take/took/taken
funny whole life eat/ate/eaten
coed probably sit/sat/sat
great try/tried private (3)
acre pretty (2) pretty much
Earth safe (2) believe (2)
allow impact see/saw/seen
fit (3) baseball good/better/best
fun full (2) counselor
stress facility complex (2)
piece together cool/cooler/coolest (2)
flag lacrosse sports complex
often capture come back
world amazing all over (3)
lucky stuff (2) ten out of ten
staff right (5) come/came/come
peace play (2) tell/told/told
regret ultimate well-rounded
huge whether good/better/best
fit in round (2) send/sent/sent (2)
stay aim (2) season (2)
game get off believe (2)






Summer Camper, Girl One: “I know it sounds crazy, but it’s been seven weeks and it’s awesome!”

Summer Camper, Boy Two: “At home like you can’t do all the stuff that you can do here — There are so many activities at camp.”

Summer Camper, Teen Girl, Three: “People go to camp for sports. People go to camp for acting, for singing. Here you just has everything.”

Summer Camper, Boy, Four: “I made a song and was a DJ; I never thought I could do that.”

Summer Camper, Girl One: “I love cooking and I like to make cookies. I tried to make one for my sister Hayley . . . but I think someone took it and ate it.”
Camp Counselor: “Was that person you?”
Summer Camper, Girl One: “Probably.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lauren Rutkowski, Camp Director: “We are a full season, coed, seven-week, sleepaway experience for kids ages 7 to 16, located in Northeast Pennsylvania.”

Joel Rutkowski, Camp Director: “It’s one of the safest places to be. We sit on over 400 acres, and it’s all private access.”

Summer Camper, Boy Five: “Pretty much the best camp on Earth.”

Lauren Rutkowski, Camp Director: “I think summer camp is so great because it allows kids to be kids.”

Summer Camper, Girl, Six: “It’s only my second summer, but like no one really believed me because everyone fits in here.”

Summer Camper, Boy, Seven: “When I first got off the bus, I was ready; I knew it was gonna be a fun summer.”

Summer Camper, Teen Girl, Three: “It’s really my best friends that are here that make me come back like the place is amazing; there’s no stress. It’s just the best place with my best friends.”

Summer Camper, Girl, Eight: “My cabin has a really funny group of people. And I think we are just great together.” the Sports Complex is like the coolest facility ever you could play soccer, football, lacrosse, capture the flag, baseball everything.”

Summer Camper, Boy, Four: “The Sports Complex is the coolest facility ever: you could play soccer, football, lacrosse, capture the flag, baseball — everything in the sports complex.”

Summer Camper, Girl, Eight: “So my counselors are from the US, Australia, the UK, England. They’re from all around the world. My rating of this camp would probably be ten out of ten.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lauren Rutkowski, Camp Director: “When families come and visit IHC to see if it’s the right fit for their family, they often tell me you know that we have amazing facilities, amazing programs, amazing staff, amazing food.

But the piece that means the most to me is that they always say, ‘You have really happy campers.”

Joel Rutkowski, Camp Director: “IHC’s ultimate aim is to make a well-rounded, better person, whether you’re a camper or staff, anyone who comes here, we want to know that they have an ability to impact the world.

Summer Camper, Girl, Eight: “We’re a community that’s together, and we’re a huge family.”

Lauren Rutkowski, Camp Director: “They’re great kids and there is nothing better than an IHC camper.”

Summer Camper, Girl One: “And I love all activities and games, and I’m gonna stay for my whole life. But I gotta go to school.”

Summer Camper, Girl, Eight: “I’m going to miss camp, my friend, counselors, everything about here.”

Summer Camper, Girl, Nine: “I would say thank you for sending me to this amazing place. And I’m not coming on the bus home.”

Summer Camper, Teen Girl, Three: “Do it. You won’t regret it.”

Summer Camper, Boy, Four: I’m so lucky that I get to spend the summer here.”

Summer Camper, Girl, Nine: “You should come here and believe you are here.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Swimming, Diving. A reporter narrated the video. True or false? Did only summer camp directors, counselors and staff speak? Were only summer camp directors, counselors and staff interviewed?

Water Skiing. At this summer camp, do the participants mostly hike in forests, swim in a lake and sing?

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing. Is the summer camp located near a big city, on public, state-owned property?

Climbing. At the camp, everyone is individualistic, self-centered and stay by themselves. Is this right or wrong?

Hiking, Walking. For sports, do they attendees only play soccer (football) in a field?

Obstacle Course. Are all the camp counselors American?

Archery. Do the campers and their parents think the camp facilities are high-quality and excellent, or very basic and rudimentary?

Horseback Riding. Do the campers love, really like, like, dislike, hate the summer camp, both, in between? How do the campers feel about the summer camp?
Singing, Dancing. I have attended a summer camp. Yes or no? If yes, where was it? What was it like? Have your friends or colleagues attended summer camp?

Arts and Crafts. Do many or most young people attend summer camps? Has it been changing over the years?

Sports and Exercise. Is attending summer camp a part of “growing up”? Is summer camp great and beneficial for young people?

Softball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball. Would you like to attend a summer camp? Where would you like to go? What would you like to do there?

Drama, Plays, Skits. What might happen in the future?

Hiking, Walking. What could or should people and organizations do?

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