Summer Camp, one




kettle sense (2) sense of community
aspect member feel/felt/felt (2)
enjoy definitely large/larger/largest
nice couple residential
get to top down make/made/made
exist stuff (2) drive/drove/driven (2)
arrive right (5) see/saw/seen
caring nervous know/knew/known
sort of counselor good/better/best
kayak hopefully grow/grew/grown
canoe activity swim/swam/swum
hike look for remember
climb archery believe (3)
bored deal (3) understand/understood/understood
go for challenge big deal (2)
accept push (2) strong/stronger/strongest
brand senior (2) rise/rose/risen
option energetic get/got/got-gotten
guy paintball experience
social emotional can’t help but
great physical regardless
create be able to connection (3)
carry through carry through
adult straight do-does/did/done
boring expand brand new
pool last (3) dining hall
hall grow up (2)






Peter, Director, Kettleby Valle Camp: “The feeling here is a sense of community, a sense of being a member of something much larger than just yourself.”

Robin, Parent, Kettleby Valley Camp: “Probably the most important aspect about the camp it’s definitely the people. To me it’s so important if from the top down that you have caring people, you have energetic people.”

Emma, Camper, Kettleby Valley Camp: “There’s so many friends you can make and everybody is nice to you.”

Peter, Director, Kettleby Valle Camp: “I don’t believe it’s important to drive three hours to get to a camp where you can feel a sense of community.”

Robin, Parent, Kettleby Valley Camp: “When I saw Kettleby’s website, and I saw some of the pictures, and I saw some of the videos and stuff like that, I was just like I cannot believe this exists right where I live.”

Tyler, Camper, Kettleby Valley Camp: “The first thing when I first arrived I was really nervous, and I really didn’t know many people. I talked to people I didn’t know and a couple of counselors. That like sort of made me feel better.”

Robin, Parent, Kettleby Valley Camp: “I definitely was looking for some experience like I had growing up where you get to canoe, you get to kayak, you go swimming, you go the hiking, you learn about nature because that’s the things I remember about going to camp.”

Emma, Camper, Kettleby Valley Camp: “You have so many different activities to do.”

Tyler, Camper, Kettleby Valley Camp: “I’m climbing walls, archery.”

Emma, Camper, Kettleby Valley Camp: “Not for one second will you ever be bored.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Peter, Director, Kettleby Valle Camp: “All the activities really are medium-challenging to help kids understand that trying new things isn’t a big deal.”

Emma, Camper, Kettleby Valley Camp: “I really like climbing walls. I always go for a challenge, because I always feel like I need to push myself and to be stronger.”

Peter, Director, Kettleby Valle Camp: “We expanded our program this year with something called The Rise Program and that’s where the senior-most residential campers get an opportunity to choose the activities that they do, things like paintball is now an option for these guys.”

Robin, Parent, Kettleby Valley Camp: “The growth that kids, even if they’re here for two weeks, a week, or a summer, the experience they get here, you can’t help but grow, regardless if it’s in something physical or social or emotional”

Peter, Director, Kettleby Valle Camp: “I’ve known some of these people for 15 years. And it’s great to be able to create that connection when they’re so young and then carry it straight through when they become adults and university students.

We’ve done a lot over the last five years: we put up a brand new dining hall four years ago put in a new pool.”

Robin, Parent, Kettleby Valley Camp: “It’s really great to see that Kettleby Valley’s growing and it’s accepting the growth and it’s working with the growth. And it’s going to hopefully be here for a long time for kids to enjoy so we love it.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Swimming, Diving. At Kettleby Valley Camp, the children mostly play video games and use social media on their devices. True or false?

Water Skiing. Are the campers alone and by themselves, or together with others and in groups?

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing. According to a parent, is the most important aspect of a summer camp the cabins, environment, food and facilities?

Describe the ideal summer camp staff or counselors. Describe good staff and counselors. What should they be like?

Climbing. Only siblings (brothers, sisters) and old friends stay together at the summer camp. Is this right or wrong? How do you describe the relationships among the campers and staff?

Hiking, Walking. How do many people learn about Kettleby Valley Camp?

Obstacle Course. Are summer camp programs a new phenomenon? Are the children in the video the first generation of summer campers? Have their parents attended summer camps too?

Archery. Are the summer camps boring and dull, or fun and exciting?

Horseback Riding. Do all the kids stay at the summer camp for one week? Do some or many campers return the following year or year-after-year (every year)?
Singing, Dancing, Drama, Skits. I have been to a summer camp. I have attended a summer camp. Yes or no? If yes, where was it? What was it like?

Arts and Crafts. Do many or most young people attend summer camps? Are summer camps an old tradition?

Exercise and Sports.
Is attending summer camp a part of “growing up”? Is summer camp great and beneficial for young people? Why might summer camp be good for young people?

Softball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball. Would you like to attend a summer camp? Where would you like to go? What would you like to do there?

Drama, Plays, Skits. What might happen in the future?

What could or should people and organizations do?

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