Summer Camp, two




stage area (3) woodworking
expose aquatics adventure
place athletics instruction
attach play (2) no matter
tryout creative experience
wood whether come/came/come
rope even (2) look after
skill show (3) period (2)
archery stuff (2) come together
trip (3) try/tried backstage
canoe sign (3) course (2)
climb sign out make sure
hike field (3) quarterback
fun overnight all that matters
need team (2) good/better/best
join (2) ceramics know/knew/known
none let’s say second to none
engage level (2) it doesn’t matter
funny exciting level the playing field
gender awesome appropriate
enjoy assistant make/made/made
setting carnival grow/grew/grown (2)
event major (2) look forward to
group area (2) set/set/set
hone elective one-on-one
look at intimate choose/chose/chosen
invest boulder accomplish
allow area (2) complex (2)
lane staff (2) you name it
dry aim (2) around (3)
wet provide survivor (2)
sew stuff (2) opportunity
proud feel/felt/felt (2)






Joey Baez, Program Director: “At Camp IHC, the kids are exposed to four major areas of play.”

Joel Rutowski, Camp Director: “We have athletics, aquatics, outdoor adventure and creative arts. You get excellent instruction, exposure too, no matter where you go. And that is unique about the IHC program.”

Joey Baez, Program Director: “For those new campers, they are experiencing everything . . . everything on camp.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Imogen Thurley, Art Director: “Creative arts is a place for kids to come together to explore their imagination, whether that’s through woodworking, ceramics to even cooking.”

Aranka Hoosein, OPT Director: “So the outdoor adventure program, when it’s on camp, looks after the ropes course, outdoor living skills, archery, fishing. Off camp, we do overnight trips with kids where we go canoeing, climbing, hiking, camping and a lot of fun stuff.”

Joey Baez, Program Director: “If you want to be on a sports team and we don’t do tryouts here; you go you sign up you’re on the team. If you want to be in the show, you go you sign up for the show, whether onstage or backstage.

If you want it, we’ll provide it for you; there’s no need to try out or be the best at it — it’s the fact that you’re trying that’s all that matters.

The great thing is there’s something here for everyone.

Female Summer Camper, One: “I just love that we didn’t have to try out or anything, because they wouldn’t have had a team and I would never be on a football team at home. But at camp, we all joined a football team — I don’t know why but we did it. And I’m a starting quarterback.

I really like it.”

Lauren Rutkowski, Camp Director: “At IHC, we want to expose kids to everything and not attach a gender to it.”

Joel Rutowski, Camp Director: “The program at IHC is second to none: athlete, artist, adventurer . . . it doesn’t matter. We level the playing field. Everyone here has an opportunity to try everything at an age appropriate and skills appropriate level.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Male Summer Camper, Two: “I think it’s awesome that in one period you could be like playing sports, play tennis let’s say. In the next period, you could be cooking.”

Matty Layman, Assistant Director: “We’re very on top of making sure that all of our program areas are growing up with their child, right? That what they’re doing when they’re in third fourth and fifth grade, we that there’s something look forward to and when they get to fifth sixth and seventh grade, even higher.”

Joey Baez, Program Director: “and we have the big events: sing, Olympics, carnival, survivor . . . all there, all summer long.”

So not only do the kids have the group setting, but they can also do one-on-ones or even choose what we call their electives to hone in on their skills in a more intimate setting.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Mark Tjaden, Assistant Director: “When we look at IHC and how we invest, we look at the needs of our campers, the needs of our camp and the needs of our staff.

And we say what do we need to be successful?

So we have a new eight-lane pool. We have a bouldering wall and volleyball area by the pool. We have an indoor sports complex which allows us to play flag football, soccer . . . you name it, we can do that, even on a rainy day or a dry hot day.

We have a DJ and camper media studio. We have a sewing studio.”

Lauren Rutkowski, Camp Director: “So the programs you attend at seven is very different from the programs you have at fourteen. But all is aimed around this idea that you come to camp to be active and to enjoy and be engaged in what you’re doing.”

Female Summer Camper, Three: “I like camp because I do stuff that on that that I don’t get to do at home. And it’s really exciting for me. I feel proud of myself because most of the things I do here can’t do at home, which means I kind of accomplish things.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Swimming, Diving. At Camp IHC, kids only go hiking in the mountains and swimming in the lake. True or false? What are the four main camp activities?

Water Skiing. For creative arts, do the children only draw and paint pictures?

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing. Does the Outdoor Adventure Program consist of one or two parts?

Climbing. Only the top players can participate in a sports team. Is this right or wrong? What is the most important quality or characteristic?

Hiking, Walking. Do the campers have to stick only to one of the four or five programs for the entire duration of their stay?

Obstacle Course. Are there major tournaments and competitions at the camps?

Archery. Are all the campers mixed together, or are they grouped according to their school grade and age?

Horseback Riding. Is it hard work for the campers? Do the campers have fun? Do they enjoy summer camp?
Singing, Dancing. I have been to a summer camp. Yes or no? If yes, where was it? What was it like?

Arts and Crafts. Do many or most young people attend summer camps? What was it like in the past?

Sports and Exercise. Is attending summer camp a part of “growing up”? Is summer camp a rite of passage? Is summer camp great and beneficial for young people?

Softball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball. Would you like to attend a summer camp? Where would you like to go? What would you like to do there?

Drama, Plays, Skits.
What might happen in the future?

Hiking, Walking. What could or should people and organizations do?

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