The Stylist



check (2) inventory temporary
suite convert celebrity
make up wardrobe fitting room
event supply worth
client regular jewelry
starters festival customer
gala grenade cashier
hide put on perfumery
cash win/won set up shop
fetch flee/fled competition
private separate entrepreneur
squad thrilled exception
toy refugee include
chic donate surround
glamor my turn network
pose trust limelight


Video: Stylist to the Stars



Laila Hamidi is checking her inventory in this Berlin hotel suite, temporarily converted into a luxury fitting room.

She works as a celebrity stylist, providing make-up and wardrobe services for special events. Fashion houses supply her with the latest collections.

And then there’s the jewelry.

Laila: This jewelry is worth more than half-a-million euros.”

Today’s clients have arrived, and they get a warm greeting.

Many of Hamidi’s customers are also friends. Verona Poet is a well-known TV personality and entrepreneur here in Germany. She’s a regular.

Hamidi offers then a glass of champagne for starters.

Hamidi styles the stars for film festivals, fashion shows and other gala events.

She got her start as a cashier in a perfumery.

In 2010, she won a make-up artist competition put on by Dior. Soon after that, she set up shop as a stylist.

These days, she’s at home in luxury hotels.

But it’s not a world she was born into.

Laila Hamidi is originally from Afghanistan.

Laila: In my last few years in Afghanistan, all I remember was war and more war. I spent weeks hiding out in a dark room because bombs and grenades were everywhere.

In 1996, when she was 15, Laila’s family fled Afghanistan.

Today she lives in Dusseldorf, in western Germany.

But she goes home often to offer whatever help she can.

Laila: This here makes me cry. These children are just four or five years old. And they have to work. They earn money by fetching water. It’s very sad. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m a mother myself.

Usually Hamidi keeps her work and private life separate. But there are exceptions.

One of her clients is the German National Football Squad.

That time her son Richie came with her.

Laila: Richie was thrilled. You can see than on this picture. Yogi Love asked him all the usual questions: how old are you? What grade are you in? Do you play football? Richie was so happy.

Today she and Richie are bringing some of his old toys to a refugee center.

Richie: My parents told me that some children don’t have any toys and some have a lot. So we want to help children who don’t have any toys.

Hamidi donates whatever she can, including money. Helping Afghan refugees is important to her.

But back at work, she’s surrounded by glamor.

Laila: Does that fit?
Client: And how do you like it?
Laila: Very, very chic.
Client: So I’ll just keep this one on.

Now it’s Laila’s turn to get ready. She’s also going to the fashion show to do some networking.

Laila: I also want to look nice. As a stylist, you have to look good. If you don’t look the part, your clients won’t trust you or think you can do the part. So I have to make an effort too.

At the show, the stars pose for the cameras.

But Laila Hamidi is here to work; and she stays out of the limelight.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Does Laila only work in a beauty salon or parlor? Does she only apply make up?

2. Who are her clients?

3. She prepares people for big events like concerts, festivals and shows. Is this correct or wrong?

4. Was Laila born in Germany?

5. What was her big break?

6. Laila cares about her homeland and Afghan people. True or false? How does she help them?

7. Is it necessary for Laila to look good?

8. What does she do at fashion shows?

9. Laila dresses and looks like a “typical” Afghan woman. What do you think?
A. I know immigrants in my country who have succeeded. Yes or no?

B. Do you know people from your country who have emigrate and succeeded abroad?

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