strange civilized secret

Strange, Broad, Wild

Barbaric, Civilized, Secret



strange odd broad
lovely unlikely wild
tame crooked savage
barbaric civilized thick
thin known well-known
secret mysterious sharp
straight curved unknown


Strange, odd, broad, lovely, unlikely, wild

1. Are there any “strange” or “unusual” individuals in your block or neighborhood? Did people have strange customs, beliefs, practice, or arts in the past?

2. Some of my friend or former classmates have odd-jobs. Yes or no? Being an “odd-ball” in high school is not fun.

3. What are the characteristics of broad-minded individuals? Describe broad-minded people. Do you like broadminded or narrow-minded people, or it doesn’t matter?

4. What’s the loveliest park, garden, or place in your city? Describe it.

5. It’s unlikely that women will have more children in the future. What do you think?

6. Is it better to be a wild or domesticated animal? Is it better for animals to live in the wild or in captivity?

Tame, crooked, savage, barbaric, civilized

7. It’s possible to “tame” or reform criminals. Do you agree?

8. Can crooked businesses succeed? Do you know any crooked businesses that are successful?

9. Is the United States a civilized or barbaric nation?

10. Europe was civilized and the rest of the world was savage.

Thick, thin, well-known, known, unknown

11. What’s the difference between winter and summer clothing?

12. Do you prefer thick or thin pizza crusts?

13. Have you ever seen a well-known person?

14. I’m afraid that I will become unknown and forgotten after I die. Is this correct or wrong?

15. Are there known facts that are different from what students learn at school?

Secret, mysterious, sharp, straight, curved

16. What are the secrets to success and happiness?

17. There are secrets that only the government and big business know. True or false?

18. Which places, things, or events are very mysterious?

19. Which is more dangerous, a sharp or blunt knife? Is it possible to sharpen your mind? How do you keep your mind sharp?

20. Do you prefer straight streets or curved, zigzag, and crooked streets?

21. Do you prefer driving on straight roads or curved roads?

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