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A Tour of Sri Lanka



shark frosty find/found/found
pool beach paradise
jump island pancake
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coast surf (2) backpacker
hike sweet monastery
taste pigeon street food
spicy coconut sanctuary
smell dolphin lemongrass
whale snorkel crunchy
reef cheers guess (2)






Kristin Addis, Travel Blogger: Welcome to Sri Lanka.
Female Steve Hänisch, Travel Blogger: We’re on our way to the train station where we start our tour.

Arugam Bay
Southeast Coast of Sri Lanka

Kristin Addis: Hello guys, and welcome to Arugam Bay. It is on the east coast of Sri Lanka. It’s known for surfing, as as you can see behind me, a little fishing town.

Steve Hanisch, Backpacker: Good morning from Arugam Bay. We start this day with a hike to Kudumbigala, a sanctuary which is on a rock.

This is quite a morning already.

Kudumbigala Buddhist Rock Monastery

Steve Hanisch, Backpacker: So we’ve made it to Katmanburi. We’re going to find some street food here. It’s really hot; it’s like forty (40 C) degrees.

Kristin Addis, Travel Blogger: It’s nice; it’s crunchy. And it’s made of coconut, but it doesn’t necessarily taste like it.

Steve Hanisch, Backpacker: It’s spicy coconut.

Kristin Addis, Travel Blogger: Yeah, it’s like eating a pancake.

This is Sri Lankan tea, which smells like lemongrass. It’s special; it tastes sweet.

Steve Hanisch, Backpacker: Good morning from Tricomalee. We are about to go on a boat to see dolphins and whales and then we’ll go to Pigeon Island to snorkel and see reef sharks and turtles and fish.

Steve Hanisch, Backpacker: I guess I have found paradise, and paradise is called Pigeon Island. I would say let’s go snorkeling. Jump into the water and see if we can see a shark.

Pigeon Island National Park

Steve Hanisch, Backpacker: Alright: the pool and beach is really nice.

Kristin Addis, Travel Blogger: But a frosty beer makes it better. Cheers!


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1. The tour was in Spain. True or false? Were the tourists local Sri Lankans or foreigners?

2. Did the tourists travel by tour bus? Is Sri Lanka hot or cold?

3. They traveled to the seaside. Is this right or wrong? What do people do there?

4. Is Sri Lanka entirely flat or are there hills? What did the tourists do?

5. Did they eat pizza and hamburgers in a restaurant? What did they eat?

6. They rode a boat. Is this correct or incorrect? Did they go fishing?

7. They stayed in a luxurious hotel. Yes or no?


A. I have visited Sri Lanka. Yes or no? Have your friends visited Sri Lanka?

B. What are some tourist attractions in Sri Lanka?

C. Describe the economy of Sri Lanka. What kind of jobs do people do?

D. What kind of food do locals eat? Describe the cuisine of Sri Lanka.

E. Describe the sports, hobbies and pastimes there.

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