Spiderman Train

Spiderman and the Train



gently bright (2) go/went/gone
spider brake (2) this is it (2)
brace (2) put down tell/told/told
gone (2) watch out brace yourselves
hang on slow down tell/told/told
alive oh my God no older than






Train Driver: “The brakes are gone!”
Male Passenger, one: “It’s Spider-Man.”
Train Driver: “Oh, my God, this is it!”
Spiderman: “Tell everyone to hang on!”
Train Driver: “Brace yourselves!!!”

Spiderman: “WHOOAH!

“Argh . . . !!!!”

Train Driver: “Any more bright ideas?”
Spiderman: “I got a few, yeah!


Train Driver: “Whoa, watch out!”

Male Passenger, three: “We’re slowing down!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Male Passenger, Four: “Nice and easy. Put him down. Slower. Gently.”

Female Passenger, One: “Is he alive?”

Male Passenger, Five: “He’s . . . just a kid. No older than my son . . .”
Male Passenger, Six: “It’s alright.”

Boy, One: “We found something.”
Boy, Two: “We won’t tell nobody. It’s good to have you back, Spider-Man.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Spiderman. The train was functioning normally. The train was operating normally. The train had no problems. True or false?

Superman. Were the passengers surprised to see Spiderman?

Batman and Robin. Should the passengers dance in the train? What should the passengers do?

Wonder Woman. Spiderman stopped the train the first time. He stopped it on his first attempt. Is this right or wrong?

Iron Man. Did the passengers feel thrilled and excited? How did they feel?

Aqua Man. What did Spiderman do next? Did it work? Did he succeed?

Thor. After the train came to a halt (After the train stopped), Spiderman swung away. Is this correct or incorrect?


The Flash, Quicksilver. I ride the train, subway, underground, metro or city train. Yes or no?

Green Lantern. Is the subway or city train very popular? Is it always crowded?

The Hulk. My friends and I wish we were Spiderman or other superheroes.

Shazam, Captain Marvel. What might happen in the future?

Captain America. More people should ride the subway, train, bus, walk and ride bicycles; and drive and use cars less often. What do you think?

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