Spiderman and the Crane




short (3) major (2) send/sent/sent
bugle right away think/thought/thought
thing (2) generator come back
block (3) crane (2) background
all right shut down see/saw/seen
gig model (3) mobilization
date (3)






Police Officer: “Oh my God!

Seven out in central. That crane top you sent us on — it’s bigger than we thought! We’re going to need a major mobilization, right away!”

Crane Operator: “Shut down the generator!”

Fashion Photographer: “Okay, Gwen, I’ve got a cut: It’s my copier . . . what is that thing doing in my background?”

Police Officer: “Captain Stacy, they’ve got some kind of short up there. They can’t shut down the crane.”
Captain Stacy: “Get Edison on the phone. Have them kill the power to the whole block.”

Gwen Stacy: “Are you all right?”
Fashion Photographer: “It’s coming back!”

Edwin Brock, Jr., News Reporter: “Oh my god; it’s Gwen!”
Captain Stacy: “What?

What’s she doing up there?”

Edwin Brock, Jr., News Reporter: “I don’t know. I just saw her last night. She said she had a modeling gig.”

Captain Stacy: “Who are you?”

Edwin Brock, Jr., News Reporter: “It’s Brock, Sir. Edwin Brock, Jr. And I work at the Daily Bugle.

And I’m dating your daughter.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Spiderman: “You okay?”
Gwen Stacy: “Yes. I’m fine. Thank you.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Skyscraper, Office Building. A big monster was flying and moving around in the city. True or false?

Medium-sized Building. In a large room in a tall building, were all the people doing office work?

Apartment, Flat. The crane operator was an evil, wicked, terrible, bad man. Is this right or wrong? Why was the crane damaging buildings?

Apartment Building, Apartment Complex.
What was the solution to the problem, according to the police chief?

Store, Shop.
Who is Gwen? Was she in trouble? Was she in danger? What happened to her?

Supermarket. The news photographer (photojournalist) and the police captain knew each other. They were friends. Is this correct or incorrect?

Hypermarket. What happened in the end?

Mansion. I have seen Spiderman movies and cartoons. Yes or no?

Shopping Mall, Shopping Center. My city has many skyscrapers and office buildings. Yes or no?

Movie Theater, Cinema. Would you or your friends like to work in an office building?

Restaurant, Cafe, Bar. Do you see a lot of construction work?

School, School Building. Do you know anyone who is an architect, construction worker or structural engineer?

Family Home. I wish I were Spiderman. I want to be like Spiderman. I wish I had spiderman powers.

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