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 The Rich

The rich seems to be worlds apart from ordinary people.

They certainly are different.

Then what genetic difference is there between the people who have lots of money and the people that don’t?

That’s right. NONE!

It’s not genetic. But if it isn’t genetic, then it must be mental and psychological. So if you know what they know, and do what they do, you will experience the prosperity that they are experiencing.


It turns out that the number one habit of the top 3% is — they are excellent communicators.

Just look at the highest paid individuals: CEOs, university professors, government leaders, actors, singers, models, best-selling authors, musicians, entertainers, professional athletes.

All are willing to speak or perform in front of large audiences … and inspire people to buy their products … vote for them … adopt their philosophy … fascinate and awe them … make them laugh and cry.


The other reason great communicators are so highly paid, is that very few people can or are willing to speak in public.

When people are asked what their greatest fears are, the top three are fear of public speaking, fear of falling, and fear of fire.

The number one phobia is — public speaking. In other words, people would rather burn up or fall out of an airplane than get up in front of a group of people and deliver a speech!

But how can that terrify anyone?

It’s the fear of getting up in front of a group strangers and saying something that would shame or humiliate oneself.

Communication and Success

Your success in life will be largely determined by your ability to communicate, both to yourself and to other people.

Self-talk, also known as programming, is the way you communicate to yourself in a way that motivates you to take action, powerful steps, in the direction that you want to go.

Communication to other people is persuasion, to inspire them to want your product or services, or support you and your cause.

In communication, you always get back what you put out. A speaker’s results is directly related to what he or she delivers.

This explains why learning the skills of communication is so vital to your career.

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1. According to the article, rich people are born that way. Is this correct or wrong?

2. What is the key ingredient or main secret to great success and wealth? Why is communication essential to success? Give examples.

3. What are the most obvious and direct ways to make money through speaking?

4. There an abundant supply and demand for good speakers. True or false?

5. What is so scary or frightening about giving speeches?

6. With regards to communication, is it only with others? What two types of communication do they talk about?

7. Everyone should only study and focus on math, science and computers. Do you agree?
A. Do you or your colleague have to make speeches or give talks? Did you do this in school?

B. How do you feel about speaking or performing in front of an audience or large group? How do your friends feel?

C. Who are some interesting, informative or inspiring speakers that you have heard?

D. Who are some great speakers in your country?

E. What could you give a speech on?

F. What is the future of public speaking? Will it increase, decrease or stay the same in terms of popularity?

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