Adverbs of Frequency, 2

in Positive Sentences, I


Adverbs of frequency are words that say how often something is done. They commonly occur in present simple sentences since they express habits and routines.


Frequency Adverb
100% always
98% almost always
85% usually, normally, regularly
75% frequently, typically
66% often
25%-33% sometimes
10% occasionally
5% seldom, rarely
2% hardly ever, almost never
O% never


Present Simple Positive: I, We, You, They

(+) I/We/You/They
Jack and Jill/The seals + adv of freq + verb-1.
Your men/Her clients

Note: Usually, normally, sometimes, and occasionally can also come in the front or end of a sentence.
• I almost always take a bath after work.
• Their gadgets last ten years or more usually.
Sometimes the students ask the professor very tough questions.

Present Simple Positive with She, He, It

(+) She/He/It
Rosa/Our economy + adv of freq + (verb-1)-s/es/ies.
His rival/The author


• Daphne’s boyfriend lies occasionally.
• The chief scientist often strolls in the woods by himself.
Normally the consultant’s advice saves them money.




Respond to the Following Statements

Respond with that’s true, that’s false/not true, I agree, I disagree, yes, no, yes and no, maybe, sometimes, not always, in the middle, it depends, perhaps, in a way.

Make any necessary changes or “corrections”. Say why and give examples.


1. I normally visit my city center or shopping mall on Saturdays.

2. My colleague, classmate or friend always checks his or her email, throughout the day.

3. People typically listen to electronic devices or speak loudly on their smart phones on the street, in parks and on buses.

4. In cities, strangers never speak to one another on the street, park, neighborhoods or in apartment blocks.

5. Psychiatrists normally treat patients simply by listening to them (because the patients usually lack friends).

6. Nowadays, some (or many) people in England seldom visit their parents.



7. My friends frequently watch TV shows in the evening, even though they are not really interesting.

8. My neighbor frequently goes on the latest diet. He or she frequently tries new diets.

9. I often see foreigners in my city, but seldom speak to them, and almost never make friends with them.

10. People in my community sometimes wear funky, strange or outrageous clothes.

11. Great achievers and geniuses typically think and behave eccentrically (strangely).

12. Rich, successful and powerful men normally marry models, actresses, singers or beauty queens; models, actresses, singers or beauty queens usually marry rich men.







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