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Adverbs of Frequency

in Questions

Adverbs of frequency tells how often people do something. They are generally found in present simple sentences because they describe habits and routines.

Frequency Adverb
100% always
98% almost always
85% usually, normally, regularly
75% frequently, typically
66% often
25%-33% sometimes
10% occasionally
5% seldom, rarely
2% hardly ever, almost never
O% never

Yes-No Questions involving Adverbs of Frequency: I, We, You, They

Note: seldom, rarely, hardly ever, almost never, and never are not often used in Yes-No questions.

Do + I/we/you/they
Punch and Judy/my geese + (adv of freq/ever) + verb-1?
the ranchers/her subjects


• Do you often go ice skating? —> Only when the ice is
solid enough.
• Do Duncan’s friends always use such dirty words? —>
No. Not all the time.
• Do tourists ever come here? —> Only on very rare

Yes-No Questions: She, He, It

Does + she/he/it
Ayauly/your senator + (adv of freq/ever) + verb-1?
the handyman/our king

• Does the owner always check the record books? —>
Yes, always.
• Does this cafeteria usually serve good food? —> Most of the time. But not always.
• Does Martin ever leave his apartment? —>
Yes, he occasionally visits a few friends.

Open-Ended (WH) Questions

WH Question Words:
What • When • Where • Which • Who • Whose • Why • How
What time • How many • How much • How often • How old

Q-Word + do/does + subject + adv of freq + verb-1?

• When does your flat mate normally go to bed? —> Usually by about 10:30 o’clock.
• Why does Mr. Bundy seldom vote in elections? —> Because he says he doesn’t care.
• Where do you usually do your shopping? —> Sometimes at the marketplace, sometimes at the supermarket, other times at corner shops.
*How often do you exercise? —> I always go for a walk every day.

*This is restricted to “how often” and lesser often, “how frequently”.
How would you respond in the following situations?

1. You don’t feel well. So you visit your doctor. What does he/she ask you?
2. Angelo wants to buy a new car. What does the salesman ask him?
3. Ms. Sahaprom is conducting a market research study on TV viewing habits. What does she ask respondents?

Answer the Following Questions Using Adverbs of Frequency. Say Why and Give Examples

1. What do you usually do during your work breaks? What do you normally do after work or after school? What do your colleagues frequently do?

2. Do you ever work overtime? How often do you have to work overtime or on weekends?

3. Do you always visit certain websites or programs every day? How often do you email, text or chat with your friends?

4. How often do your friends vote in elections? Does everyone always vote? If no, why not?

5. Do you often eat seafood (eels, clams, oysters, squids, sharks, mussels, octopus, crab, shrimps, lobsters, catfishes, dogfishes)?

6. Do your colleagues always call their mothers? How often do they call their mothers? What do they talk about?

7. What jobs do men almost never do? Which jobs do women typically do?

8. How often do your classmates or colleagues attend classes at private language centers? How often do they attend church, a temple or synagogue?

9. Does your neighbor sometimes visit a country home or retreat during the weekends?

10. Where does your best friend normally go and what does he or she do during bank holidays?

11. Do you regularly attend seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, exhibition or trade shows?

12. Do your classmates or coworkers swear often? What do they say? Is swearing common in your city?

13. Do your coworkers sometimes experience stress or anxiety? If yes, what causes stress?

14. How often does an internet or telephone technician, plumber, electrician, carpenter or repairman come to your house?

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