some predictions

Predictions of the Future


Respond to the following statements. Say why and give examples.

Suggested replies or models.

Probability Examples

100% It’s already happening. That has already happened.
99% It/They certainly will. It will definitely (happen).
I am definite/sure/positive/certain it/they will;
I know it/that will happen.
90% It most likely will; It will mostly likely (happen).
75%-85% That’s probable. I think so. I think it will; I believe that will happen. They are likely to do so.
50% Perhaps. Maybe. It’s possible. That depends.
It could. They might. It may (happen). Possibly.
40% It may not. They might not.
15%-25% I doubt it. I doubt that will happen. I don’t think so. I don’t think it will. Probably not. It probably won’t. It’s unlikely.
10% They most likely won’t. That can’t/couldn’t happen.
1% Impossible! No way! Never! Definitely not! Absolutely not! Never in a million years! That’s ridiculous!
That’s outrageous! That’s crazy!

Here are some prediction. What do you think? It will definitely happen. It will probably happen. It might happen. It could happen. It probably won’t happen. I doubt it. It will never happen.


1. Pizza, doner/gyros/shaorma, hamburgers, hotdogs, chips/French fries, cola will become the dominant cuisine of the world by 2030.

2. People will still be listening to Pop music from the 1970s and 1980s onward (but not the 1950s and 1960s).

3. In 100 years, everyone will still wear faded blue jeans, T-shirts, trainers (sneakers), shirts, short skirts, and suits and ties, alongside burqas and hijabs.

Daily Life

4. In the future, people will most likely travel by foot, bicycles, horses, mules, donkeys and camels.

5. Except for the realm of telecommunications and information technology, things will look pretty much the same in 2070 as they do now.

6. Everything in life will revolve around the internet/information superhighway.

7. People will activate and realize their extrasensory perceptions (ESP), telepathy and other psychic abilities.

Government, Politics

8. There will be an Orwellian, Big Brother government and society by 2050.

9. Large, multinational corporations will run the world by mid-century.

10. Beginning in the next ten years, most government budgets will be allocated to pensions, social security, and medical care.

11. Most governments will get bigger, expand its roles, become more bureaucratic and less effective; and taxes will increase.


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