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Review of Some

Some is used mainly in positive sentences. It refers to an indefinite, unspecified amount; more than a few or a little, but less than many or much. We also use some when we make offers and requests.

● I have some green apples.
● Mrs. Franklin has some gold jewellery.
● Would you like some cream and sugar?
● Could I see some laptop models?

Review of Any

We use any in negative sentences and in questions.

● Ralph doesn’t have any credits on his cell phone.
● Do you have any allergies (allergic reactions)? —> None . . . except to alcohol.
● There aren’t any vacancies here at the moment. But you can fill out an application form.
See SOME and ANY

Compounds of Some

Something refers to an unknown thing, or a thing not named or specified.
Someone and somebody refer to an unnamed, unspecified, or unknown person.
Somewhere and someplace refer to an unknown, unnamed, or unspecified place.
Someday refers to some (unspecified) future time.

● Knock. Knock —> There’s someone at the door.
● Listen! I hear something coming from that old mansion. —> It’s only a cat.
Somewhere in the Amazon rainforest is a cure for cancer.
Someday I will be a queen (king) and live in a castle.

Compounds of Any

Anything refers to an unspecified, not mentioned thing out of all things; any possibility
Anyone and anybody, any person or individual; all possible persons.
Anywhere and anyplace, one of all possible places; any possible place.

● Do you have anything to declare? —> Just some souvenirs.
Anyone can learn to use this smart phone.
● EU passport holders can live and work anywhere in the European Union.
● I can’t find my keys anywhere.

Compounds of No

No one and nobody mean no person, no body, not a single person.
Nowhere means no place; a nonexistent or undefined place. A remote or obscure place.
Nothing means no part, share, or trace; a thing that does not exist at a place.
None refers to nothing. There isn’t anything; no persons or things.

No one is in the office at the moment, they’re on lunch break.
● This road leads to nowhere. Let’s turn back.
● The owner of this company came to America with nothing except $50 in his pocket.
● We need more funds to continue the project; there’s none left.

Compounds of Every

Everyone and everybody mean every person; all persons.
Everywhere means in every place; in all places or lands.
Everything means every thing; all things.

Everyone here wants to be the boss; nobody wants to do the “dirty” work.
● SUVs, smart phones, laptops and tablets are everywhere.
Everything in this shore is made in China.





Answer the questions or respond to the statements. Say why and give examples.

No +

14. Nobody has lived more than 120 years. No one can live more than 120 years. No one can live forever.

15. Nothing can stop the march (progress) of globalization, technology, and progress.

16. Would you like to live in the middle of nowhere? Would you accept a high-paying job in the middle of nowhere?

17. Are there any genetic differences between high-achieving individuals and everyone else? Or is there none? Is there any biological differences between the rich and poor?



Every +

18. Does everyone these days want to go to university and, or work in an office, shop, or with computers?

19. Are fashion, music, food, business, behavior becoming the same everywhere?

20. Everything that happens to people has been preordained. Everything that happens to everyone is based on destiny or fate.

21. Paradise is both everywhere and nowhere.

22. Everything sold in stores is made in China. Is this right or wrong?

23. Capitalism beats socialism every time. Democracy triumphs over autocracy and dictatorship all the time.


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