Halfpipe Snowboarding




lap surprise back-to-back
drop trick (2) to be honest with you
medal first time combination
gold rotation see/saw/seen
as well pipe (3) win/won/won
legend go for it here we go
air couple (2) drop in (2)
rest (2) match (3) throw/threw/thrown (2)
victory inversion stake-board
score guarantee beat/beat/beaten (2)
switch qualify (2) lead/led/led
replay be around from start to finish
tail show off run/ran/run (3)
grab land (2) write/wrote/written
line (2) dominate make history
aka extremely progressive
flip shout out shadow (2)
swift (2) judge (2) name after
deliver smash (2)






Sports Commentator, American: I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes for the back-to-back tens on her victory lap, to be honest with you.

Sports Commentator, British: Chloe Kim dropping in. Already an Olympic gold medalist here in Korea. Will we see the back-to-back tens, the combination, something we have not seen in Olympic games?

The gold medal’s already been won. Will she now make history as well, and become even more of a legend of the sport at just seventeen years old? Here we go. Chloe Kim, already a gold medalist.

Sports Commentator, American: In the pipe, big back-side air; she’s going for it. Are we going to see the front ten? Yes, we are: front-size, ten-eighty (1080) tail. Stom Sat. Here’s where we see the cad-ten. Cad-ten, she goes for it. Gets it around.

First time the back-to-back tens have been thrown in Olympics game. She made history a couple years ago in a world cup match. Now here she is using the Olympics into the McTwist.

Shout outs to Michael Miguel, the skateboarder who that trick is named after.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

And Chloe Kim could beat herself out here. This could be even a higher score. But she is guaranteed a gold medal here at the Olympics.

Sports Commentator, British: Chloe Kim has led the competition through qualifying from start to finish. And now she’s the Olympic Gold Medalist. The seventeen-year old from the USA.

She is going to be around for a while, and she could dominate this sport for a long, long time.

Sports Commentator, American: Alright, well here we go the replay of the run. The beautiful method there from Chloe Kim, showing off that style — style written all over her snowboarding.

And here is the first ten-eighty (1080). Front-side ten-eighty (1080) with the tail-grab. Spots her landing. Gets that rotation around. A nice, clean line. And then into the switch front-side 1080, AKA the cad 1080.

She gets the back-to-back tens, and the rest of the run is beautiful as well.

I would not be surprised to see her beat her score of 93.75 with this run. This could be even a higher score. This run was extremely progressive and just beautifully thrown by Chloe Kim.

Sports Commentator, British: She’s already won the gold. The question is, can she beat the shadow of herself.

Sports Commentator, American: And there’s the Hawkin flip. The cab 720, with some inversion of that trick there, the inverted swift front 7520.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Sports Commentator, British: Chloe Kim waiting for the judges . . . it’s a 98.25! Chloe Kim already a gold medalist. But she’s just smashed her own score well and truly out of the park. 98.25, Kim has delivered.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Snowboarding. This report was about downhill skiing. True or false?

Downhill Skiing, Alpine Skiing. Is Chloe Kim an unseeded (new, neophyte, inexperienced) athlete?

Freestyle Skiing, Freestyle Snowboarding. Chloe Kim is a grandmother. Is this right or wrong?

Speed Skating. In the competition, where did she begin boarding? Is the ski slope or snowboarding slope small, medium-sized, long or very long?

Figure Skating. Did Chloe Kim make regular snowboarding maneuvers? Were her tricks easy, medium-difficult, difficult, or extremely difficult?

Luge, Bobsled. The sports commentators were speaking “normal” English. They were using every-day English words. They were speaking every-day English. Is this correct or incorrect?

Ski Jumping. Did Chloe have a low, medium, high or nearly perfect score? Did she win the gold, silver or bronze medal? Did she come in first, second or third place?
Ice-Hockey. I go snowboarding. I go skiing. I can snowboard and ski. Yes or no? If yes, where do you go skiing or snowboarding?

Cross-Country Skiing. Are you and your friends very good at skiing or snowboarding? Have you seen really great snowboarders or skiers? Are skiing and snowboarding popular?

Toboggan, Sled. Are there famous winter-sport athletes? Who are some famous winter-sport athletes?

Sleigh. My friends and I would like to compete in the Winter Olympics and other winter sporting events.

Snowball Fight. What might happen in the future?

Snowman. What could or should people do?

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