snow white

Snow White



beautiful king land
love much in fact
all beauty fall in love
nature (2) step loving nature
stepmother like (2) magic
mirror every lady
always majesty reply/replied
to turn (2) birthday snow
jealous get rid of fill/filled
possible trust as soon as possible
servant order take/took/taken (2)
far forest kill
here there give
a lot of money greedy
quickly look (2) pretty
sad left (2) under
night cry/cried begin/began/begun
hear strange sound
rustling feel scared
since (2) tired fall asleep
wake up awake bird
sun sunlight peep
through tall get up
start (2) walk till
clear clearing fun
funny (2) tiny funny looking
cottage door window
chimney maybe let me
inside find something
knock answer (2) peep
kitchen plate spoon
wonder live table
stair upstairs bed
room bedroom cook (2)
meal whoever glad
ready dusk march (2)
home homewards sing
surprise find bowl
clean table whole
lay chief gentle/gently
touch shoulder story
cry stay together
tend mine (2) take care
next set off warn
strange stranger anyone
meanwhile return heart
deer dear give
cruel castle claim
reward rage die
make sure disguise peasant
pheasant poison apple
basket remember quick/quickly
advice sell buy
need suppose juice/juicy
supposed to indeed promise
of course gift crack
fall ground bite/bit/bitten
life lifeless fruit
still side go/went away
best can/could rose
petal crystal coffin
find/found kneel mourn
once twice at once
bend/bent kiss shake/shook/shaken
jolt mouth nasty
spell (2) wicked break/broke/broken
marry grand wedding
invite throw throw out
mean (2) often forget/forgot/forgotten




Snow White

Snow White was very beautiful. Her father the king of the land, loved her very much. In fact, all who saw her, fell in love with her beauty and her loving nature.

Snow White had a stepmother who did not like her. The stepmother did not like the fact that she was beautiful.

Magic Mirror

She had a magic mirror. And every day the stepmother would ask it, “mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful lady in the land?”
The mirror always replied, “You are, your majesty.”


But when Snow White turned all of sixteen, on her birthday, the mirror told the stepmother, “Snow White is the most beautiful lady in the land.”

The angry stepmother was filled with jealousy. She wanted to get rid of Snow White as soon as possible.

Trusted Servant

She called her trusted servant, and ordered him to take Snow White into the forest, far from the castle, and kill her there.

“I will give you a lot of money if you do this,” she told the servant.

In the Forest

The greedy servant quickly took the girl to the forest.

But the girl looked so pretty and sad that he could not kill her and left her in the forest, sitting under a tree.


Soon it became night, and she began to cry.

She heard strange sounds and rustlings that made her feel scared.

But since she was tired, she fell asleep under the tree.

In the Morning

In the morning, she awoke to the sound of birds, and the sunlight, peeping through the tall trees.

She got up and started walking.

On she walked…till she came to a clearing.

A Cottage in the Clearing

There stood a funny looking cottage…with a tiny door….tiny windows…and a tiny chimney.

“Oh what a tiny cottage this is. Let me go inside. Maybe I will find some food to eat in here.”

Snow White knocked on the door. When no one answered, she went inside.

Inside the Cottage

She peeped inside the kitchen.

“What tiny plates and spoons. I wonder who lives here. There must be seven of them. A table laid for seven people.”

Then she went upstairs where she saw a bedroom, with seven little beds.

“I’ll cook a meal for whoever lives here. They will be glad to find a meal ready.

At Dusk

When dusk fell, seven tiny men marched homewards, singing.

The opened the door, and were surprised to find a bowl of soup on the table…and the whole house clean.

Snow White lay fast asleep one of the beds.

The chief dwarf gently touched her shoulder.

Wake Up

Snow White woke with a start.

“Who are you?” he asked.

Snow White told them a sad story, and all the dwarfs started to cry with her.

Stay Here

“Stay here with us. Stay here with us,” they all said together. “You can tend the house when we are working in the mine. Don’t worry about your stepmother leaving you in the forest. We’ll take care of you.”

Snow White happily said “Yes!”

Don’t Open the Door to Strangers

The next morning the dwarfs set off to work after warning her not to open the door to strangers, anyone she did not know.

Back at the Castle

Meanwhile the servant returned to the castle with the heart of a deer. He gave it to the cruel stepmother.

“It is Snow White’s heart,” he said so that he could claim the reward.

Back to the Mirror

The stepmother turned to the magic mirror.

But the mirror replied, “The most beautiful in the land is still Snow White who lives in the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage in the forest.

The stepmother was filled with rage. “She must die. I’ll make sure that she does!”

Peasant Woman

Disguising herself as an old peasant woman, she put a poisoned apple in a basket. Then she quickly went to the forest.

Snow White was in the kitchen. She heard the sound of a knock on the door.

Apples for Sale

“Who’s there?” she asked, remembering the dwarfs’ advice.
“Just a peasant woman selling apples,” came the reply.
“I don’t need any apples. Thank you.”
“But they are beautiful apples and ever so juicy.”
“I’m not supposed to open the door to anyone,” said Snow White.
“Good girl. If you promised not to open up to strangers, then of course you can’t buy one of my apples. You are a good girl indeed.

As a reward for being good, I’m going to give you a gift of one of my apples.”

Snow White opened the door just a tiny crack, to take the apple. Then the stepmother quickly went away.

The Apple

Snow White bit into the fruit…and as she did, fell onto the ground; the poison made her lifeless.

Meanwhile the dwarfs came out of the mine to find Snow White lying still and lifeless, the poisoned apple by her side.

They did their best to wake her…but could not do so.


Sad, they laid her on a bed of rose petals in a crystal coffin.

One day they found a handsome young man, kneeling by the coffin — looking mournfully at Snow White.

The Prince

The dwarfs told him the sad story. And the prince at once said, “Let me take her to my castle. I will call the best doctors in the land to wake her. She is so beautiful. And he bent to kiss her, which is what he did.

He shook the coffin as he did, and the jolt made the apple fall out of Snow White’s mouth.

Wake Up!

She woke up.

The nasty spell laid by the wicked stepmother was broken!


Everyone was happy!

The prince asked Snow White to marry him.

She said “Yes!”

A Grand Wedding

They had a grand wedding.

And Snow White invited her father to the wedding.

The wicked stepmother was thrown out of the land by the king for being so mean to his daughter.

Snow White never forgot the dwarfs…and often visited them in the forest.

 *     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Snow White was very beautiful. True or false?

2. Snow White’s father was the king. Yes or no?

3. Was the Queen Snow White’s real mother?

4. What did the queen do every day? Every day, the Queen….

5. What happened on Snow White’s 16th birthday? On her sixteenth birthday….

6. How did the Queen feel? What did she do?

7. The servant obeyed the Queen completely. Is this correct or wrong?

8. The next morning…..

9. Did Snow White know the owners of the cottage?

10. What did Snow White do in the cottage?

11. Snow White and the dwarfs became friends. True or false?

12. What happened back at the castle? Meanwhile back at the castle…

13. What did the Queen do?

14. What happened at the cottage? At the cottage….

15. What happened in the end? In the end….

A. Have you heard of Snow White before?

B. Does you nation have story similar to Snow White?

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