snow queen 2

The Snow Queen, two



skate remote anymore
hate queen take her life
warm stranger fall in love
air look at see/saw/see
heat abduct each other
ice antler disappear
joy foolish romance
snow selfish know/knew/known
quest seduce as fast as
stay beyond take/took/taken
die suppose like the back of my hand
live worth it find/found/found
way lovely imagination
await terror come to an end
fear broach get/got/gotten






Gerda: “I don’t skate anymore.”
Kai: “Why not?”
Gerda: “I don’t like winter.”

In a remote, northern hotel.

Kai: “Why is it that Gerda hates winter so much?”
Grandmother: “It took her mother’s life. And her father’s joy. All in one night.”

Kai to Gerda: “There you are: winter’s finished.”

Two strangers will fall in love.

Grandmother: “Haven’t you seen the way he and Gerda look at each other? He’s a nice young man.”

Romance warms the air . . .

But an ice terror awaits.

Gerda: “Who are the people that have disappeared?”
Grandmother: “Young men abducted.”
Gerda: “By whom?”
Grandmother: “The Snow Queen.”

Uncle: “He’s a foolish, selfish boy.”
Gerda: “You don’t know him at all.”

She will seduce you.

Snow Queen: “How old are you?”
Kai: “Eighteen.”
Snow Queen: “You’ve got lovely eyes.”

Her kiss will enthrall you . . .

And she will take you to a place

Snow Queen: “How fast would you like to go?”
Kai: “As fast as you can go!”

Beyond our world.

Kai: “Where am I?”
Snow Queen: “You’re home.”
Kai: “I can’t stay here.”
Snow Queen: “Well, then I suppose you’ll die.”

Now, the quest for true love.

Gerda: “I must find him.”
Grandmother: “Why is he worth it?”
Gerda: “Because he made me want to live again.”

Will take you to a world beyond your imagination.

Gerda: “Do you know the way to Lapland?”
Reindeer: “Like the back of my anthers.”

Old Lady: “If she doesn’t fall in love, summer will come to an end.”

Little Robber Girl: “There’s heat in this broach. That’s what she fears, you know.”
Gerda: “What who fears?”
Little Robber Girl: “The one who’s got your man.”



*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Gerda likes snow and subzero (below 0) temperatures. True or false?

2. Are Gerda and Kai only friends?

3. Is the Snow Queen good, bad or evil?

4. In the beginning, the Snow Queen was very friendly to Kai. Is this right or wrong?

5. Did the Snow Queen stay in Kai’s town?

6. Gerda found another boyfriend. Is this correct or incorrect? What did she do?

7. Did she meet many different people? Did they help her?


A. I have seen the cartoon or movie “The Snow Queen”. Yes or no?

B. I love winter, snow and Christmas!

C. Have you traveled far from your home?

D. Have you met many different people (during your travels)?

E. What will happen to Gerda and Kai?

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