The Businessman




got it right (5) lieutenant
roll let’s roll shoot/shot/shot (2)
sniper establish command
arena location hit/hit/hit
post situation know/knew/known
victim suspect get/got/got-gotten
roof syllable assistance
search area (3) far/further/farthest
scope proceed run through
along resemble remotely (2)
clue witness put in a call
exact find out see/saw/seen
in sight get up (2) leave/left/left (2)
assign homicide background
spread case (3) throughout
late (3) murder Caucasian (2)
still (2) shell (2) downtown
surplus vantage find/found/found
brain dozen (2) counter (3)
pattern so far (2) come up with
sign (3) apparent had better
identify look for latch onto
magic approach good/better/best
hope innocent think/thought/thought
rage hang on psychopath
blast brass (3) go after (2)
gun assume read/read/read
fire (3) head off find/found/found
owe play (3) play around
gamble meantime stand/stood/stood (2)
key (2) point (3) acupuncture
tiring boy scout buy/bought/bought
bunch bright (2) take it easy
fidget chick (2) manage (2)
guy date (3) late/later/latest
pin sound (2) all over (2)
nut (2) glamour pronounce (2)
ladder executive work his way
enemy figure (3) relative (2)
unit obviously come up with
used to scout (2) fingerprint
awful check out hear/heard/heard
pull trigger (2) boiling (2)
motive similarity promote (2)


Video, up to 10:00 or 14:00




Lieutenant Harrelson: “Lieutenant Harrelson. Right. Got it.

All right man, let’s roll. Sniper shooting at the arena. Olympic 20 will establish a command post at the west approach.

Lieutenant Harrelson: “Dec, do you know this location?”
Deac: “Yeah came to a concert here last week.”

Lieutenant Harrelson: “Olympic 20, this is Olympic SWAT. We’re approaching your location. What is your situation?”

Police Officer: “Olympics SWAT, this is Olympic 20. A one male victim on the approach road. I’ve got two men up on the arena roof, and no sign of the suspect. We need assistance in searching the area.

Lieutenant Harrelson: “All right. We’ll roll straight to your command post. If there’s no further information, we’ll proceed to search the area.”

Lieutenant Harrelson: “All right scope along the road and around the arena too they’re looking for anything that remotely resembles a clue.

Get a statement from the witness who put that call in find out what he saw he’s got anything that’s helpful hang on to him.

Officer Street: “Right.”

Lieutenant Harrelson: “We’ll get up on the roof and see if the shooter left us anything, maybe some empty brass.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Lieutenant Harrelson: “His name was Frank Thomas, and his death in this morning’s attack was the third such sniper murder in the last year. Homicide got nowhere with the first two so the case was assigned to us.

Now the three attacks here here and this morning’s attack here was spread throughout the city. There’s no link there three victims: all male Caucasians, in their late 20s and early 30s, were from different backgrounds.

There’s no apparent link there, and the shells found at all three vantage points were military-surplus .30-06, a couple of dollars a dozen over the sporting goods counter at any store in town.

Officer Deac: “Brains in the lab coming up with anything?”
Lieutenant Harrelson: “Not so far.”
Officer Street: “How about similarity patterns?
Lieutenant Harrelson: “They’re being run through the main computer downtown. But in the meantime, I think we better schedule some sniper control run-throughs.”
Officer Luca: “Maybe he doesn’t hit again.”
Lieutenant Harrelson: “What makes you think three is a magic number? If he’s a straight psychopath sniper, his emotional pattern is all boiling rage, you, at me, at the whole world.

Once he starts shooting, he wants to blast everything in sight. He doesn’t stop until his gun is empty. And he doesn’t leave his vantage point until he’s hit a whole lot of innocent people, he’s been playing life or death with, or until he’s dead himself.

Officer Luca: “But the killer this morning only fired at one car.”
Lieutenant Harrelson: “That’s right; it reads like he knew exactly who he was going after — and he got him.”
Officer Deac: “Assuming that’s true, all we have to do now is find out why; maybe that way we can head off number four.”

Lieutenant Harrelson: “Right now we’ll start with this morning’s victim: what was his job? Who were his friends? Did he have a girlfriend? Was he playing around with somebody’s wife? Did he gamble? Did he owe money?

There’s a key to all this somewhere, and I want to latch on to it fast okay.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Andrea, Dressmaker: “Okay, Janet you’re gonna have to stand still or I’m gonna be practicing acupuncture without a license here.”
Janet, Model: “Sorry Andrea.”
Andrea, Dressmaker: “Well, that’s what you get for being a model kid: just hard tiring work. That and a bunch of out-of-town buyers leaving their fingerprints all over you.”
Janet, Model: “Tell me about it.”
Andrea, Dressmaker: “What’d you expect, a lot of glamour, like in the magazines?

Listen I know why you’re fidgeting, you know: because it’s almost 11 o’clock and Frank hasn’t made the first of his dozen morning calls. I think he’s found a new chick, good looking guy like that. I’d give him a tumble or two . . .”

Janet, Model: “How do you manage to talk so much with your mouth full of pins?”

Andrea, Dressmaker: “Practice. Also you have to remember not to use words with lots of syllables in them.”

Radio Announcer: “Good sounds, the best at station KBX 1010 on the dial.

And now at exactly 11 am, here’s an update on the latest news. Locally, the victim of this morning’s sniper attack has been identified as Frank Thomas. Thomas, a 29 year old design engineer was pronounced dead on arrival . . .”

Tailor, One: “Janet, what’s wrong?”
Andrea, Dressmaker: “Her boyfriend’s been killed.
Tailor, Two: “Just take it easy — everything will be alright. Just take it easy.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Officer Street: “We checked out his office; not a clue; not a false note. Nothing. Just a bright, young executive working his way right to the top of the corporate ladder.”
Officer Luca: “Right. Even the guys he was promoted over couldn’t say enough nice things about him.”

Lieutenant Harrelson: “Not an enemy in the world — except that guy with a gun. What about the building he lived? Did you check out the neighbors?”

Officer MacAbe: “There were 12 units in the building. Everybody knew him. Everybody liked him. He was obviously a real nice guy.”

Officer Deac: “We’re coming up with big, fat nothings. You heard his mother: his whole life reads like a chapter from a boy scout manual.”

Lieutenant Harrelson: “Yeah I heard her. I’ll never get used to talking to victim’s relatives. Never.”

Officer Street: “Awful rough on her . . . only son . . . everything going for him — all over in the time it takes to pull the trigger.”

Lieutenant Harrelson: “And it just doesn’t figure: no enemies, no motive. I hope we haven’t got some nut running around shooting at everything it moves . . .

Yeah Harrelson shoot thank you we got a computer match: the first victim and Frank Thomas both dated the same girl: Janet Warren.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Crime. In the beginning, a business man carried a briefcase containing documents. True or false? What did the man do? What happened?

Larceny, Theft, Stealing. Did the authorities (police) catch the suspect? What did they do at the crime scene?

Frank Thomas was the first and only person killed because of random shooting. Is this right or wrong?

Robbery. Does the SWAT team only specialize in assaults, rescues, capture, apprehension and arrest of suspects?

Misdemeanor. Do the police only stick to direct evidence, such as gun, bullet, car, time, date; or do they investigate victim’s and suspects entire personal lives?

Felony. Who was Frank Thomas? Who is Janet Warren? Describe them. Describe their lives.

Assault, Aggravated Assault. The shooter lives in a hideout. He is a drug dealer. Is this correct or incorrect? Is he a good actor?

Murder, Homicide, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder. The police came to Janet Warren’s house and arrested her? Yes or no?

Arson. Is the shooter greedy? Is he obsessed with money? Is he a strictly psychopath killer?
Narcotics, Illicit Drugs, Drug Trafficking. I have watched many police, detective and crime shows. True or false?

Kidnapping, Human Trafficking. Are crime shows popular? Do people like watching police shows and reading crime stories?

Prostitution. Have you heard of psychopaths? Are some people obsessed with money or another person?

Rape, Sexual Assault. Is crime a very serious problem, a serious problem, a concern, not a major problem, or not a problem at all?

Gambling. What is the cause of crime? Why do some people commit crimes?

Destruction of Public Property. Are there lots of police and detectives in your town, city and country?

Traffic Violation, DUI (Driving Under the Influence), DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). How can crime be stopped? How can crime be prevented?

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