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Access to the worldwide web, wherever you are. The smartphone makes it possible. And Brits are making the most of it.

Jane Rumber, Ofcom Head of Media Research: “One of the most striking findings in our report this year is that smartphones are now the UK’s most important device for getting online — overtaking laptops for the first time.

In the UK, people now spend nearly two hours a day surfing the web on a smartphone, compared to only an hour on PCs and laptops.

And smartphones are now used for more photos and selfies than any other device, including digital cameras.

Person One: “I’m one of those people that, before I had one, was really antique because it takes over people’s lives, and whatever.

But I have slightly become one of those people. But I try to refrain.

Person Two: “I tend to take picture of things rather than put myself in everything. That’s just an old person’s way of using it, a smartphone.”

Germans are a bit more reluctant about going online with their smartphone.

86% of internet users here still use a laptop — only half access the web with a phone.

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1. With a smartphone, anyone can log-on to the internet from anywhere. Is this correct or wrong?

2. Is the smartphone more popular than PC’s and laptops in the UK?

3. Which is used more, smartphones or digital cameras?

4. Does the young woman get the latest device as soon as it comes on the market?

5. She is somewhat apprehensive because devices can take over people’s lives and tries to control herself. Yes or no?

6. This trend is global. True or false?


A. What can you say about PCs, laptops, tablets, phablets and smartphones in your city?

B. Are you surprised by the speed of changes, trends and fashion?

C. What is your preferred device, or does it depend?

D. Is there a difference among different generations, or it makes no difference?

E. What will happen in the future?


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