sixth sense

Scapegoat, Shed some light

Sixth sense, Scot-free



rise and shine rule of thumb
run out of steam saved by the bell
scapegoat scot-free
shed some light sick like a dog
riding shotgun sixth sense
skid row smell a rat
son of a gun smell something fishy
splinting image the ball is in your court
start from scratch the best of both worlds
the last straw the whole nine yards


Rise and shine, Rule of thumb, Run out of steam, Saved by the bell, Scapegoat

1. Rise and shine: time to get up get and go to work or school.
“Rise and shine!” Does your mother tell you this? How do you feel? What happens on Saturday and Sunday?

2. Rule of thumb: a practical rule or based on experience.
What’s the rule of thumb for a successful business (or career)? The rule of thumb for a successful career (business) is…

3. Run out of steam: to be out of energy, vigor.
Has the economy run out of steam? Describe economic or business cycles.

4. Saved by the bell: saved at the last moment by intervention.
I was saved by the bell. I hadn’t finish the report (homework), but the boss (teacher was absent) that day. Give examples of being saved by the bell.

5. Scapegoat: someone who is (unfairly) blamed for something.
During economic hardship, who are some scapegoats? Who are they blamed by?

Scot-free, Shed some light, Sick as a dog, Sitting shotgun, Sixth sense

6. Scot-free: to escape punishment, paying fine.
Some wrongdoers or lawbreakers get off scot-free. True or false? Who often or usually gets off scot-free? Give some examples. Why do they get off scot-free?

7. Shed some light: to provide information on a mystery or problem.
Can anyone shed some light on the inner workings of the government and big business? Who can shed some light? Journalists can shed some light. True or false?

8. Sick as a dog: to be very sick (with a cold or fever).
I feel sick as a dog. Why do I feel sick as a dog? What should I do?

9. Riding shotgun: riding in the front passenger seat of a car or truck.
Do passengers ride shotgun in taxis or do they sit in the back?

10. Sixth sense: A paranormal sense of perception, strange intuition.
Have you or your friend had a sixth sense of something odd happening?

Skid row, Smell a rat, Smell something fishy, Son of a gun, Splinting image

11. Skid row: slum street of a city with seedy clubs, bars, prostitution, drugs.
Is there a skid row in your city? Describe it.

12. Smell a rat: to suspect a trick or treachery or bad person.
I smell a rat. Can you feel if something or someone is not “right”? Give examples from work, school, government.

13. Smell something fishy: detecting that something isn’t right.
Do you smell something fishy in some companies, government, financial institution?

14. Son of a gun: a scoundrel, wicked person.
Describe the actions or behaviors of a son of a gun.

15. Spitting image: the exact likeness or kind.
Is your friend a splitting image of his or her mother or father?

Start from scratch, The ball is in your court, The best of both worlds, The last straw, The whole nine yards

16. Start from scratch: start something from the very beginning; no advantage.
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple from scratch. Do you know people who started a business from scratch?

17. The ball is in your court: In discussions or negotiations, it’s now your turn.
The ball is in your court. Is your country or government in this situation on some issue?

18. The best of both worlds: selecting the best from two different entities.
What do they say about immigrants in America? Give examples.

19. The last straw: to no longer put up with something; to finally react.
“That’s the last straw!” Have you heard this expression before? Why did the person say it? What happened next?

20. The whole nine yards: everything that pertains to something; a whole series.
Troy went the whole nine yards for Angela. What happened?

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